Early Haze in the cabinet


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Hello, just checking in waiting for the postman to arrive.

Specifics of my indoor grow are as follows:

VEG. 18/6 light cycle

3x42 watt cfls. They work surprisingly well in a small area.

Flowering is accomplished in a Mill's Pride cabinet. I can't remember the exact model number.

Lighting is a 400 watt hps in a custom(bake-a-round) cool-tube.

Ventilation is taken care of by a 6" Fantech (257 cfm) on a speed controller.

Odor control is made possible by a hugely oversize carbon filter that I made myself, and it works great.

9L pots using commercial potting soil augmented with perlite, bone meal, worm castings, lime, and composted cow manure.

I also do a little Guerilla growing as well. I'll see if I can get some of these out, even if only for a short season grow.

Good luck to everyone who got the Early hazes, and as Shanti said, "let the games begin".:cool:
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hello scaramanga,

all sounding sweet m8.;)

Cant wait myself, being posted tomorrow all being well "fingers crossed".:D



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I just got word from my "safe Address", that the beans have arrived.:D Now I just have to wait for them to be sent to me, so hopefully I should have them by next weekend.

I can't wait.


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thats spectacular work scaramanga.

I bet it takes at least a few days to get letters sent to your private island.


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Here they are at day 25.

They're starting to differentiate a little. The tallest ones are on the right and the shorter ones are in the left row of three. The one on the far left is the runt and may be culled within the next few days(still deciding). The taller one in the back right has nearly 4 inches of space between internodes compared to less than 1 inch with the shorter branchier more compact phenos. Poly-hybrids are always interesting in their range of expressions.

They have all been placed into the flower chamber for sexing before returning to the veg chamber for repotting and cloning before being flowered; for the females.


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