Excellent show King, you've got some real diamonds there without question.

Looking forward to your next grow show my friend. :)


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Stunning plants, really nice :) thanks for sharing these gorgeous ladies with us :p

Great work man , take care & stay safe :D


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Very informative thread. I joined this forum because I saw a thread at ICMag where someone was asking for the best possible deal on seeds you can get and someone said Mr. Nice Dreamtime Mix.

I looked it up and wow 18 seeds for super cheap. This combined with Shantibaba's almost godlike reputation sold me instantly. After reading forums for years, Shantibaba and DJ Short seem to be the most respected of all breeders. Especially with old-timers who seem to know what they are talking about.

I got my seeds in the mail recently and my god that is the best looking and most useful seed packaging I have ever seen. The foil is beautiful and its actually re-sealable.

For some reason I just feel like I am holding something quality in my hands when I just hold the package. The thick foil packaging feels like a rare gem lol. Theres something exciting about not knowing what types of plants I am going to end up with but at the same time knowing that they will be Mr. Nice level of quality.
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Hi there my friend !

I'm also lokking to buy this "DreamPack"BUT i've tryed to get in contact with Shanti to maybe get the 25 %reduction on the price cause i'm a Med User.No answer so far,anyone knows what's going on?
Anyway,wanted to check were you ordered your beans ninja-san,can you give share some info regarding your buy...just so i know alittle bit moore before i order.

Thank U ALL for a wonderful Forum.

Best Regards


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Damn acehole, those buds look so beautiful! I love the color. Were your temps cold at all?

BLB51, welcome to the forums. Have patience, all good things come in time.


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Hey King,

With all the differences in plants etc...Did you find you had to run different strength nutes? Or were they all pretty similar in that regard?...Thnaks...Ns


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excellent show indeed king acehole! I dont know how I missed the last weeks updates! really impressive Dreamtime
thanks for sharing

looking forward to the smoke reports..seems you will be having a great time with those gorgeous ladies

keep up the good work


a ?

Hey King,

Just a couple questions if you will.

1. With the variety of plants. Did you experience one, or more that were nute sensitive? more so than the rest. Or maybe just some heavy feeders more than others. Just curious if you did with the mixpack, or that they were still close in nute requirements.

2. Anyway you could give us a quick smoke report on the DT's you harvested? It would be interesting to see the differences..

Thanks for your time...Ns

P.S. BTW after reading thru this thread. I must say again excellent job. Finished buds look great. Plants healthy...I hope you enjoyed these ladies...Ns
:)Hi there fellow grower..Stunning plants, really nice thanks for sharing these gorgeous ladies with us and thank you also for great pics and general info.
Noshow was talking whit me about DT or WB mixpack..first i wasn't that interested honestly speaking,but both of you has change my mind;)
A week ago i got Shantis strainlist too...holy molly,what so much..but maybe i can try and settle whith a pack or two..or 4...or...:)

Thank you so much for your thread,take care and let us have a smokereport like Noshow just wrote..