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Sexy ladies King A!
I'm on day 48 of 12/12 with my DT girls. I gave away half the pack, and got 6 ladies out of the 9 remaining beans.

I know what you mean, noshow - lots of people aren't crazy about mix packs, and I can understand why - different flowering times, heights, appetites.... - but variety is the spice of life, is it not?
Besides, the guessing game is fun :)
Acehole, have you 100% identified anyone yet? I still haven't been able to narrow down what exactly is in the DT mix - is it all of 'The Naturals - Old School Genetics"?


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hi TheMushroomman

According to Shantibaba DT is a mixture of Skunk, NL, Afghan and Haze.

That's what confused me! It says "A selection of mixed indoor varieties of excellent parentage including Skunk, NL, Haze, and Afghan."
Since the majority of Mr. Nice strains have excellent parentage including those four strains, I thought that DT was a mix of say... Afghan Haze, Devil, Shit... probably some others.
Or are they straight Skunk, NL, Haze, and Afghan?
Either way they are beautiful plants.


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yeah it can be somewhat confusing in the strain description text that is at the top of the page in the link, but if you see in the Family of breed below (bottom of the page in the link) it says :

"Family of breed: a mixture of Skunk, NL, Afghan and Haze"

From what I understand its only these varieties used.If you have any questions better ask Shanti as he is the breeder .


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Found the answer!


Dreamtime is made up of alot of the known things and some landrace material i test out...so I would expect it is probably the best value seed packet at Mr Nice for those who are happy to find something great.

I recall a particular guy on the icmag who won best photograph of the month last year with Walkabout...absolutely incredible plant.

So try it and tell me...all the best sb

king acehole

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Thanks guys!!

Hey Bean Cracker, I can hardly wait myself, they've been on plain water for a few days now. Someone's coming down by day 60, today is 57!:D

Hi TheMushroomman, thanks dude. That's awesome you got 6 of 9 ladies. Any of them resemble my girls? Would love to see them. Feel free to throw up some pics here if you don't feel like starting your own thread.

As far as identification goes, sorry to say, I'm not 100% on any of them. I'm hoping some more experienced growers will recognize some girls related to their own lasses and chime in with some guesses.

Hey L33t,

Good of you to drop in. Always appreciate the kind words from a guy who grows fucking amazing plants.

Here's a quote from shanti found in Barletta's dreamtime thread over on IC.

"well done it sounds like you won the lotto or as the Australian Aboriginals call it The Dreamtime...

In this mixed indoor treat you will find a bit of all the regular 12 strains plus a few other batches of landraces and some of the specials....so it is a good mix to find something worth keeping.

All the best for 2008 Sb"

And some pics of DT10 from today! She's my favorite right now. Hard to figure what she is, she resembles the diamond-shaped flower structure of some early haze pics in the media section of the site. Also looks like some shots I've seen of DJ's Flo. Any guesses?



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Great pics of your ladies, the resin looks amazing. I'm right behind you with 1 fem so far. Didn't want to crash your thread with pics. Looking forward to your final results. Looks to be a great harvest. Somebody needs to code scratch & sniff for this site


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DT10 is gorgeous! She looks kinda like one of mine, except heavier. It could be because she's in a 3 gal bucket of soil... figures that the plant I decided to put in my smallest bucket ends up being one of the best-looking!
Its day 48 and I thing She's almost done budding, but trichs are still clear. Perhaps she'll swell a bit more...
She smells profusely like ripe mangos, and has the same branching pattern as DT10. Similar-looking buds, too... they're very light green, almost golden.

Do you have any pics of that Mango Haze? I've also got a hazy lady that looks like she'll be done sooner than I thought, and there's an distinct fruitiness to her.

I've really got to start my own thread and stop hijacking yours. I should also find my camera.

Anyways... thanks for sharing your plants! When I take pics we can see if there are any similarities.

king acehole

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Harvest: Day 60

H-i-g-h E-v-e-r-y-b-u-d-y!

Out with the old in with the clones. It's been fun but it's time to move on. Fruits of the seeds germinated on New Years Eve will be filling jars throughout 2010.

Dreamtime 1 was the first to go.


king acehole

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Harvest: Day 60

Dreamtime 10 :D



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{searches around on floor for lower 1/2 of jaw}

Screw, "what were the genetics.." "WHO GREW THOSE!!!!"
Seriously, killer plants, king :D

Lol, I want to 'identify' your plants SOOOO bad. Then I remember that Shanti has like 40 seedpacks that I HAVEN'T run :rolleyes: :p


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Outstanding.......looking great, looking forward to what I get, have 3 more in the wings breaking ground. Looking forward to your smoke report.

king acehole

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Hey Patty,

Flattery will get you everywhere, thanks man. You sir are welcome to help me "identify" these girls anytime you want. I'm going to start the identification process next week, so just drop by if you're on the left coast.:D

What's shakin' movin'?

Thanks man! I'm looking forward to your ladies, NHS included, too. Smoke reports will be fun, next week!

Happy growing all!

Go Lakers!!