DP White Widow from 2005 in Comparison to Black Widow 2020


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4th week of flowering

Some progress made...

Watch for yourself :cool:

Iam quite happy to live this hybrid thru..

Smell is pleasantly nice, between floral to skunky sweet.

Streching have stoped, branching is heavy.
Lower branches pruned.

Using just 0,5 ec of nutes every 2nd week.

BTW, the trimers hell :D
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mid of 4th week

some info on progress

Pollenation (WW - F2 x F2) completed...
Seeds start to form on those...lovely 2 branches - hoping to score about 30 nice seeds

Main cola stay intact hopefully

Pollenated 1Bud


2nd Bud pollenated
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5th week

Main Top

Seed bud1 - few seeds there already

Seed bud2 - few there also

Overall view

-to be continued-


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Aloha brah!
Beautiful! They are looking very healthy and robust. I admire your clean environment. Keep it green braddah!



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Aloha brah!
Beautiful! They are looking very healthy and robust. I admire your clean environment. Keep it green braddah!

Thank you for nice words.

Unfortunately everything does not seem like I wanted to. Because, BW males are no more existing, one was culled cause of height and 2nd opened just one pod and died ( bad outdoor weather / stink inside home :( ).
So I got only my Inbred Widow creating - hope it turn out great.

But on the other side, next grow I plan some CBD harvest (therapy and shark shock), then I will jump on something regular again, and I think it would be Skunk Haze - will share with all of you - because the lack of info here for this plant.
Then (somewhere) it is gonna be BW so I can atleast grow for comparison hwere in this thread.
And somewhere I have to put in My continual work on this Widow I grow now, i want to look at those F3 seeds and make F4 of them, then cross em to Aces PCK, just to turn it purple :D
It is just hobby, I have to do it someday. )

EDIT: And of course, I will lovenly care for Black Widow, they will get here shortly :)
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6th week

Iam here with some news.
I will probably have to look at runpf Ph, yellowing is somehow faster then I would have expected.
But the good thing is, I now have two branches fully saturated with seeds :) and I saw just one on other place, so my first time succes..

In most cases I ended up with whole plant pollenated :-D

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7th week flowering

-I cant manage green color anymore, so it will end like that - no other option now, just last nutes today..

-The smell is something between sweet skunk and floral shop, not so pungent, I like it that way.

-Really sticky buds, as everwhere i think, nothing special

Now I hope for good flavours, still I dont see that big of resin coat, that was on F1s from DP.
I think it is beacause it could have been stolen cut from original Widow crossed with some kind of skunk maybe?
The more i breed it, the more skunky it is really. This F2 is unique by its top cola. I was at F3 stage, but it was disastrous, more of popcorn buds, but there were the coat everywhere, but from 10 seeds 8 would rot, so thats why I discarded them and trying 2nd time.

Maybe time, for real BW from MNS camp, but for that i need maybe half a year. Cause of more work to do.

main cola 6 x 24 cm, with more budding around at lower part

Some lower top

Some lower top2


to be continued
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start of 8th week flowering

So far Iam pleased, as you can see, one can get lucky even when making own seeds.

-Plant height is 60 cm
-Top cola 6,5-7 cm x 24 cm
-Lower flowers have tendencies to purple on edges, some kind of defficiency
-smell is sweet floral-skunky, with some apple/citrus scent hints
-trichomes are smaller, but everywhere if you look under microscope, still clear tho.. i found just few mildy..
-and I have to take into account the seeds, there are around 30++ As I see it.

PH of soil outrun has been normalized by Flush to 6,2 from 6,5 now it gets only plain water to lower the EC more, it is now under 1,3 - target before harvest is going to be around 0,5.

Bigger than predecesor F1s and other F2s from other grows

Some purpling on random bud

Some purpling on other bud

Some future F3 seeds

-to be continued-


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Looking Nice! any citrus smells? to me one off those WW charastics i like off the widow. Happy the madman im growinig right now has alot of it :)

till when have you been giving grow nutrients? My experience with the widow and also alot other varieties is to dont start with bloom nutrients until the streching is complete done with or they tend to yellow up around week 5-6 in bloom.

keep it coming bro. nice read.



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Looking Nice! any citrus smells?
F1 from DP did smell like citrus, yes, F2s litlle bit, but after curing it came out more. This plant i pollenated smells very sweet and litlle bit of citrus-skunky. Not so much tho, you have to use imagination a lot to smell it, but its very pleasant smell, I cant keep waiting - but have to xD.

till when have you been giving grow nutrients?
Till about 1st week flowering, then i slowly cutoff to 3th week, from there i used just flowering nutes and (biobizz bloom/algae/top/enzymes) I messed up -late- repoting, and also using too much enzymes, theese two helped plant to eatup all N too fast i think. Now I cant do anything, i need to focus on lowering EC of medium.
Will try as you say.. edit: in next grow, as iam worried about taste if I add N now, I added last week, didnt help, it was too late i think.

Thanks and stay close, it would not take much time, you know ;)
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Start of 9th week

Its coloring at least ;)
Had to push my light forther away, cause down it is becoming mildy, but upper part of cola is greatly behind.

I think this is last week, but maybe iam wrong. I like it when there is just less goldy trichomes, and many mildy ones (not clear ones tho)..
Now Iam at about 30%clear / 70% mild / -% gold

Smell, is becoming stronger / I smell something like some fruit, but cant tell if its citrus, the sweetness masks it very well.

Upper part of cola is slightly behind in ripeness

Bottom part of cola is doing great

You can judge the size of that cola

Lower bud 1 - this one is 90% mildy, starting to get gold there

Lower bud 2 - this one is 90% mildy, starting to get gold too

Hope you enjoy )
edit: I have to tell you I am guilty, I made a litlle trim.. and from trim I know this would be as smooth as I like about this strain.. I hope I will find this in BW in upcoming year ) hour of uplifting and then nothing, but really nothing, no fast grab, just that slow one and as slowly it creeps on you, slowly it got away... hmm

-to be continued-
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whoa nice cola! that's the DP version?
yes, it is my second inbreeding of her. DP batch of seeds could have been from around year 2002-2005.

But dont worry, I will make Black Widow grow here in around half year I promise. I wanna grow BW and this WW F3 side by side, and if possible I will choose Mom and Dad to cross them, it will be long run grow diary :D

Edit:I forgot to mention I have some pollen in freezer, and next grow I will pollinate something*, that will be growing between some CBD plants
*Still dont know what something will be

As I am working and living with this plant for very long, actually was my first seeds bought back then.

I saw few widows and this DP seems more skunky to me... But I like her..
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need your advice

Can someone help me, to find answer?
Widow is in 10th week flowering, but today, -whole day- I have no electricity cause of some repairs.

What to do now? Plant is in all day long darkness, it is 90% ready to harvest. So Am i better to harvest it tomorrow after 2 days of complete darkness, or do I better have to keep the light on for next few days?

I tried to pick one of seeds yesterday, and it is nice developed sturdy seed, so this is not concern.. - its good.

Its just top of main cola, that should have been going for a few more days, but as said earlier, 90% are ready..

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at this point it wont affect them much either way.
you could harvest them a few days early, will you even notice a difference?
or you could let them get a long dark period and go back to their regular cycle.
they will be fine.
either way they look good.


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Ok, thanks for help...

edit: I gave them their last watering, and will naturaly keep em to finish in (Id say) 3 more days of sun, then 1 more dark day and the end.
Trichomes are nearly all mild, ocassionaly clear, and few gold there. So Iam just giving time for main cola to finish. Thanks again, and photos later.

Some lower bud

Some lower bud

Some (trimmed one)lower bud

Detail of finishing top (atleast :) )

Whole plant in autumn coloring (this grow over autumned) :D

-to be continued-
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