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yes unfortunately it was pulled early
he was an inexperienced grower and didnt give the proper care
he gave the buds away .
I did flower 3 more Devils
they were all good but not great
they did the job and got me nice in stoned but lacked in taste
1 of the last 3 was the best
she had rock hard nugs and very frosty
she was a pretty plant
I will see if i have any pics of her
I would run Devil outside if I had the chance
She is easy to grow
and the results decent
yield would be good as well


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Ha Ha, too funny, what timing. I just planted some outdoors last night. I was unable to sex yet but I wanted to get them in the ground. I planted in groups of 2, I only have 4. With the luck of the draw I may get a couple of females in the right spots. If I have to juggle things around after I sex them I will. Thanks for the info.