Devil PM/Mold?


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Just wondering if Devil has any PM or Mold issues or perhaps hopefully some resistance?! I will be running this indoor and then outdoor next year, but my area in Canada is 45N and we get a wet September, mildew and mold are very common. I need a plant that has some immunity or resistance to these threats. We also get very high winds here, so Devil is promising in structure to resist that other challenge. Thanks.


if you make horsetail tea i can all but guarantee you will never ever face problems with PM again.

either in dried leaf or powdered form, put 100grams in 2L of water overnight, then filter out the horsetail, you should be left with brown undiluted horsetail tea.... add 8L of water to get 10L of diluted tea.... heat over stove for 20 minutes, then wait to cool....

when tea is ready you have mother nature´s most potent silica brew, the one hydro shops dont know about and dont WANT you to know about. spray this for 3 days onto plants with PM then in a week spray for another 3 days..... all PM will be gone

also great as a tonic for young plants in veg, not only will PM stay away but so will tiny suckling insects, as the silica layer will defend the plant from their bites...

ive seen this work on many gardens inluding my own so i know it works...

i can source dried horsetail powder locally for around 4 dollars for a 100grams....

love an respect

love an respect