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I've been hearing a lot about delta-8 lately. Currently limited availability, @Hootigh mentions the concerning aspects of manufacture in the reference forum. Basically, coming from hemp production and so legal in many states, it is in-between CBD and delta-9 in effect, it sounds like another promising avenue.

from leafly:
"Commonly, CBD is extracted from hemp and refined into an isolate, and then CBD isolate is synthesized into delta-8. As such, delta-8 requires more processing and is more expensive to make than CBD, but this increased production cost is balanced out by the high demand for it."

Can anyone add to this conversation?



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I think this issue highlights how ridiculous this legal distinction between different cannabinoids which in turn creates falsely inflated markets propped up by the substance being "good" or non psychoactive. My understanding is that cbd hemp has taken a nosedive as delta 8 hemp has now become the latest propped up "good" substance that can be sold nationwide without the liability and exposure delta9 sales give. I'm happy that the farm bill brought hemp back into the fold but incessant obsessions of staying below .3% once again show a blatant disregard by the govt towards the plant. Cbd hemp certainly has a place in the market and medicine but the inflation of its value by being the first to become fed accepted should be learned from
.the plant is just good through and through. Catalogue new cannabinoids to learn and help with them. Not categorizing them into profitable and good or psychoactive and bad. Cannabis is a gift to civilization all of its facets should be appreciated and available. I bet delta 8 is awesome and has many good applications. But racing to extract ot before it becomes "bad." Is crazy


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When it comes down to it, it really just pisses me off to see all the regulation and big corporations moving in on the cannabis industry. Lately so many big companies that don't have any past experience with this great plant are just jumping in for what i'm sure they believe will be an easy cash grab. Adding to it the celebrities that are throwing themselves in and backing/starting companies of their own for this race, while completely adding nothing of worth.

I started growing back in my early teen years. Ended up with the house being raided due to an elder sibling showing my sh#t to girls when I wasn't around while he talked about a tough upbringing he'd never had hoping they'd f#ck him out of pity.

I'll never forget the cop that put me in handcuffs, points a gun at my head and says "Go stand in that corner of the kitchen over there." Then as I do so screams " No not that corner! The silverware and knives are in the drawers over there!" I made sure to let him know with his gun pointed at my head and my hands cuffed behind my back just how f#ckin stupid he sounded.

After that day I was privileged enough to find out how many cops had children around my age in highschool. Seeing kids come up to me I never even knew existed, talking shit about fucked my entire family and I are. After that ordeal, it was a dream of mine to work for this industry one day.

Then about five years later dispensaries and medical licenses become legal. I go to interview for a job at one of these outfits and the first question was what do I think about cali genetics? Gave my honest opinion on how they're no more potent than the old school genetics, in general yield less, and have more of a tendency to hermie than strains that have had the time spent being properly worked from Amsterdam. Needless to say interview over.

Cannabis is something that I believe should be just for the people. Quit the regulations and just let people and their plants be.


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Amen, preach it. To cultivate cannabis is our God given right. There were no problems for millennia until our politics got corrupted. Doctors back then said that it is wrong to criminalize cannabis because they were treating patients with medical marijuana and there was no contra-medicine as subsistute.
In my country there were people helping patients within the toleration policy, but they got hunted down.

If the law was my guideline I’d be dead 10 times over. Genesis 1:29
Hemp production has been legal in all 50 states for several years. CBD flower looks and smells just like our kind herb. I had a part time job packaging hemp flower. It does have a stone too it, especially powerful when mixed with our regular flower.

I've also been hearing more about Delta-8 and it intrigues me. I wonder if people can pass a drug test on it and how medicinal it really is.

I remember when Marinol came out, a synthetic THC with little medical benefits. The whole plant seems to have the real efficacy.

Great conversation @musashi

I look forward to folks with more knowledge on the subject adding their expertise.