CS best pheno hunt


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Hi guys,
after reading everything here on CS I still don't have idea what to look for.

I'm planing to run fresh semi small grow. I have 19 2 months old babies and 19 on start (just for backup).
I have taken clones and put it on 12/12 to find males and get rid of them. From females I will take clones and run my future grows.

Please advise me what TYPE to look for - Tall ? Small ? Vigorous ? Afghani ? Skunk?
Looking for fast and big yielder, afcourse ;)
professorjj and mstam looks like you have some great experiences with this flowers? What is yours opinion?
Thank you very much


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When I ran the CS it was the shorter phenos that put out a higher yield and they finished up in about 10 weeks.
I ran 11 females and 3 were great.Very low leaf to cola ratio and colas the size of wine bottles.The others were twice as tall and took 2 weeks longer but worth the wait but the 3 put out twice as much if not more.
I'm not sure if the best could be sorted out in veg but if it's possible I'd definitely like to know also.
Good luck!


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No easy answers

Hey IcoR
I hope the girls are coming on well for you.
I have pondered over this for the last few days trying to think of any advise that i could give to assist you. The truth is that there is great diversity in this variety and favourable traits can be found on many pheno's depending on your grow space and selection criteria. I found three keepers out of 30 girls. They each have three things in common which I select for, which are potency, flavor and yield. They were all very vigorous, have excellent solid bud structure and a great high. As far as assistance with your selection....my only advice.... grow each one out to maturity, sample the product and select according to your space and criteria.
I too couldn't put my finger on any indicators that are expressed early on.


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Hey professorjj and cbdfan thank you very much for answers.
I still didn't find out how many girls I have. My clones don't show sex so far :confused:
I have 2 tents. 1.5x1.5m x1.7m-height.
Tell me please how much in average this girls stretch in flowering? I'm planing to take 10-15 clones of each (every girl). So I'm thinking if they will stretch 3-4 time, should I take clones from top so that I can control height? What do you think?
Thanks again


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In my experience most only doubled in height but more than trippled in width, finishing at 3-4' tall and 5' across. One very unique pheno grew very sparsely and open like a sativa then when flipped incresed in height more than 4x and grew long fat hard indica type buds. For small spaces this would work well. You could pack them together and let them grow through one another without them shading each other.