Critical Widow

Hey Bro how you been? Good to see you on the forum, i remember speaking about how much you had loved Critical Mass. Looks like you found something even more stellar, can't wait to hear how they smoke...Bubba's look damn good too
hello med man,love that cert you got for supporting the team, "guys under the trees"classic!
Your plants look great as allways.:)

peace ab
Thanks guys, here's some shots from day 58;




G`day MM

Your an honorary Ozzie now ?
Or are the footy crew honorary Canucks ? lol .

The CW is lookin good eh ?
How long do you predict 70 days ? or more ?
They are some serious nugs bro !

Yeah the BK `s kinda alright too lol .

Thanks for sharin

Elmer Bud .

High again Elmer, or is that still high?
They're cool folks, accepted us into their 'Footy Family'. Most players are Canadians with a love for Aussie Rules, there's a few Australians onboard also, one big happy family eh.
Plants were harvested Oct. 31st on Halloween, bloom day 65.
No photos today, messed up my Mac and can't easily upload photos from my Nikon. I'll take some dried budshots soon. Will have to use the built-in cam on this touchpad, thankful for an external keyboard for this thing or it'd drive me crazy typing using the touchpad's keypad.

Yield (in grams)


Sampled a few J's of CW10, nice flavourful pineapple/melon taste.
Effect is quite good, enjoy it while at work.
Another update soon, cheers.
i've really had my eye on this grow...great work Medman can't wait to hear how they smoke and the possible medical properties...enjoy those beauties! Also what size light you use, thats a really nice yield you accomplished.
Critical widow

Medicine man nice grow what was the camera you used to take these photos they turned out awesome keep up the great work
Da doc
Bump, check this one PPL.
Just finished a cleaning pack of critical widow along with cleaning g13 widow( all mixed, but could point ez which ones were which)
And I have to say I prefer the crit before the G"
Some rly good yelders, even had mold on couple bigger buds at 40 % humidity.
Smoke is rly good to amazing, the best one in taste and high to me(lot of smiles and feel good) came from the biggest yelder :) I wold say it's a skunk pheno, but rly improved. Huge sweet peppery dank buds in about 10 weeks here some purple in the leaves and calixes. Overall I will rate it as a 8/10 on par if not better than shark shock, depend on the pheno( shark is more stable )
Will drop a pic or 2 soon.
Till then stay well and happy.
Sounds like things are going great, I look forward to your pics. CW was my staple production strain for a couple of years she sure is a gem. Im surprised that it has never been added to the menu...SB?
Sounds like things are going great, I look forward to your pics. CW was my staple production strain for a couple of years she sure is a gem. Im surprised that it has never been added to the menu...SB?

Sure she is nice :)
Proffesor, I feel there is no thread of yours I have not read and I'm a fan of your work. For me things are getting better with every grow, still far from your skills. ;)
Just wanted to ask what flowering times you got with the CW, mine finished between 10-11 I guess due to late pruning which prolonged the stretch I think. Was yours a 9 wheeker? First run was from seed pants from which I took cuttings that are in their 2 week of flower, hopes for quicker finish.
Not the best engl I know, but...
Stay well O1
Thankyou for the kind words, much respect.
Yes mine was a 9 to 10 weeker and it sure loved to strech. I originally got the cut labelled Nl#5xHz as the pictures of it in my album still are. It was many months before we figured out the mix up. Loved that strain, monster yielder of killer weed that absolutely reeked like a skunk covered in fuel. I really miss it. I haven't been as lucky at the auctions as you have No problem with your english bro. Take care brother
Amazing looking buds there.. Glad I found this thread!! Nice looking variety... Love this Bubba shots too
Awesome job!!
Respect.. Sensient
Critical Widow is one of my favorite strains. Especially the second generation. So easy to trim.
Months back I promised some pics of my G13 and critical widows. I have a few pics u can look at in my gallery, that unfortunately I can't post from my phone.
I wold call them both quite medicinal , it just put me on a good state of tranquility, tho the critical is a little uplifting it smokes a lot like skunk, clouded head where the G13 is straight up medicine for me with a lot of hashy and peppery and oniony flavours, as Shanti clearly states, look for the onion and armpit smells, very sweet herb, still got 3 mothers in the room but growing some bodhi stuff right now. The g13 had some rly unique looking phenos, like they were not sisters at all, although the flavours range was not so diverse. The Critical was a lot more consistent in the phenos. 5g + dried tops from the Crit, VERRY BIG. got my highest yeld from my room from the very first grow of them in hydro. About 1.4 kilos dry primo buds and another 700 grams of very decent popcorn and shake from 2 X 600 in a willma 4 X 10 setup
Looks good medicine man,I have some CW beans and I was curious what type of aroma or flavor you got from your phenos?