Critical Widow grow&smoke report


2021 COE Winner
Critical Widow

Grow time - 4 weeks
Structure - Christmass tree with managable stretch
Leaf paterns - 50-50 leafs, medium green color
Nutes tolerance in grow phase - lower doses

Flowering time - 70 days
Flowering smell - afghan with hints of citrus
Nugets onset - very fast
Nugets shape - bolder nuggets
Nugets hardness - medium hard
Nutes tolerance - normal doses

Cure - it is good immediately
Smells - hashy, citrus, with hints of onion
Level of smell - discrete-sweeter
Taste - creamy-citric-afghan
Effects - immediate uplift, great for being creative !!

Personal review
Great plant,.. Taste is superb, the smells are discrete and beautiful. Uplifting effect. Great producer.

Have a litlle cross with pinkish Devil male.

Sorry for just a few photos, was at war with mites on another plants .. :( Was a mess :)
CW.jpgcwflower.jpgCritical Widow 02.jpgCritical Widow 01.jpg