Critical Skunk


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Hello professorjj,

I try to explane the taste but is is a few years back, it was more mango and a deep dark musk green taste, i'm not a big fan of the diesel taste thats why i like that one the most.

Yourz Truly

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Hey buddy,

Well, well, well! You've just re-enforced my confidence in making my recent purchase in the auction!! Your description of the "tropical fruit" phenotype has built a better picture in my mind then your pictures have!

It's like I can actually smell the skunky turpines as I stare like a stunned mullet at the pics of that monstrous cola in the very first pic!!

You've made me all the more happier that I've purchased these beans. Nice work with your harvest mate! Have you grown it out again since this first run??

I bet you'd smash a your 1g/watt yields second and third time around especially if you can have the luxury of being able to completely optimise the environmental settings and maybe get some C02 in there if you don't already have it in your room.

Another option maybe additional lighting, I have no other term for it other than "side lighting". I've seen one commercial grow house that had a single 1000 watt HPS lamp per plant but around all four sides of the pots were these "racks" with between four to six (from my hazey memory) CFL tubes per rack. These were placed around the plant to give additional COOL LIGHT to the underside of the plant after removing the plant's lower branches.

I've gotta give you a serious 👍👍 buddy!! You've got me super keen to prioritize these beans for my next grow now. You had one sativa looking pheno that really looked like it was top shelf

Take it easy my man! Talk to you soon.
✌ Yourz Truly

Yourz Truly

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Also, I obviously haven't read this whole thread in it's entirety so if you've already employing any or all of these recommendations then please forgive my ignorance.

Have you done a smoke report on the Critical Skunk too? I'm curious as to how many females you got from x amount of seeds and furthermore how many varying phenotypes you got and how did they express these variations? Are we talking mainly smell and flavour here?

Thanks for putting on quite a show for us all!


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Thanks Mr40ATF I appreciate the kind words.
Thank you also MrYT, respect.
Not trying to fob you off but spend the time to have a read through, most of your questions will be answered. I beat that original yield by more every time I ran her. 3 units a plant was very achiveable in a 3 month cycle.
I kept a couple of the girls around for a while untill I went away for a couple of weeks and the shortcomings of my automation were revealed and I lost them. I still kick myself from time to time. I have another 60 CS to go through and expect to find something comparable or better. Beware though she is one stinky mother, make sure you have acouple of layers of odour control in your system.