Critical Skunk


It has that taste even before a cure, but I did cure some out for a month and a half, and it improved it. This was from Indoors.
I gave a buddy the seeds, he grew it, I get the end product for a good price. I kept 3.5oz out of 20.
He also is in the process of revegging it, so its also not lost, and will be run again. This was also from seed, so next time it should be even better, and produce more.
Another Buddy also has some really nice plants pollinated from last years SHIT Male of which I also gave the seeds. These are outside.

He saved the only genetics left from what I had in the 90s before the feds got all of them. Hes kept it going ever since, with some outcrosses, but always trying to breed towards the original genetics. It reeks of cat piss, skunk, and honeysuckle.

We also bred the Mr Nice SSH into my old genetics. Used a female that came from F2, and over 250 Females were gone through.

It tastes like flowery hash, and is total lung buster. 1 bud stinks up the whole house.

90s NL5/Hz ( THE COUGH ) x 89 Nevils Hashplant x 80s SSSC Sk1 x 80s NL1 x Last Years Shit, and F2 SSH
Pollinated some of that with Coastal Seeds Puck Yeah. Its 89 Skelly Hashplant x Heirloom NL1. Its really killer stuff, and also got way bigger than I thought it would. Its center cola heavy, but some phenos have pretty good side branching, but gets a huge central cola. Nevil bred the Hashplant the Skelly pheno was found from. Many say the Skelly is the most sought after of all of the HPs. Early/Mid 80s Pacific Northwest HP is the clone Nevil used for his crosses with the NL1. Probably the G13 x HP too.
We bred everything this year with 6 male Puck Yeah because they look, and smell so good. Killer for sea of green. Very fast, and vigorous for 100% Indica.
I believe the original PNW HP has Lebanese Narrow Leaf HP/Broad Leaf Kandahar in it, and the Lebanon narrow leaves show. HUGE Narrow leaves.

But Im sure next year this CS Pheno will be grown outside, and bred to something interesting. Probably F2 Skelly/NL1.