critical skunk set up and,advice needed.


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Hey once again guys,hope everybody is doing great.

I like the MNS. SHIT so much,that i now have some critical x skunk on its way into my hands.

I am literally a closet grower,GROWING IN A CLOSET.
6 feet wide -- 2 feet deep -- 7 feet tall.

I have a little stand going all the way across the grow area,with a one foot empty area on the bottom.
Then i have, 2 foot by 2 foot trays,with my pots in those.
Then,when i water until runoff,it drains out of the pot,into the tray,from the tray,into some overflow trays under my setup.

I said all of that so i can ask,will critical skunk be a good fit for my setup.
( guess i shoulda thought of that beforehand,huh.)
Anyway,how bug of a pot.
How many plants do you think would fit comfortably etc.


But i am really excited and,cant wait to get my hands on that critical skunk.
I grew an MNS. super silver haze in that closet,that was almost 7 FEET TALL.
I had to bend it over,tie it down and,IT STILL KEPT SHOOTING FOR THE STARS. badass crazy plant.

Anyway,im excited and,cant wait for the critical x skunk.
But,i cant find a lot of grow or smoke reports for it.

So any suggestions, about nutes,topping,pot size, ANYTHING, will be much appreciated folks. THANKS, SMOKIE.