Critical skunk pheno


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Hello fellow growers.

I can't find a lot of info on this strain so I wonder what are your experiences with this strain? Are there any different phenos, are they heavy producers as CM, are they compact in structure, are buds rock hard or fluffy... I would really appriciate any info.

Thank you and good luck.

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New member above, I too would be interested in any info on the various phenotypes there are in CS.. I have just got myself some.. wanting to know a little more about the plant before starting them..


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Having only started a few of these seeds and never grown CM, I can tell you the few phenos i did see. One was a tall multibranched plant that reeked of skunk.The other one had a afhgan structure to her all the way,just like Ortega.Shorter with a thick stem and wide leaves,but with a hint of skunk and afghan. I'm sure there's more phenos to her,but thats what i found so far.
I am currently running the shorter one in flower and will let you know how that goes.


Hi guys my experience is limited with this strain but I started 36 of them and do to excesive drinking my paper towel dried up and only 6 made it but all of the seeds popped. 1 was a male, it was a stretcher the other 5 were all short and stocky very strong stems, one of the five female stems is twice as thick, none of the females branched out two far but the nodes are very close to each other. I have not started flower yet but they are outside so wont have a verdict till october. Think i will run the thicker stemmed one inside I just havent made up my mind. If I do i will throw up some pics. I am not going to start a thread with the 5 of them because I won a winter cleaning after losing 29 of them. Sorry I dont have more info. hope it helps some. Seems like it would be better suited for a high number of plants per square meter
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Hi guys!. % months ago, i bought a seed pack of critical skunk, i give you my opinión.

!8 sedd---> 10 females.

2 seed have violet hair, and resin as hell. This pheno for me has strees with relative facility. Their estructure is more sative

3 are very very strong, they have a indica structure, and one has a sweet smell, like critical mass. But i think critical mas have more limoneo.

The others are similar, strongs plantas, indica structure, and get flower very early.

I want to say one thing.... I was waitting somehing like the smell and taste of critical mass, but anyone has the strong, sweet and citral smell that critical has.

I am decepcioned with this plant. I want taste fruits in my tong, some advice?

I was thinking in OG KUSH, some days ago i read in a book that is one of the plants that has more limoneo(is a molecule that provided the citral taste).