Critical skunk pheno hunt


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Haha, yeah, I keep it cool in my pool. I noticed that a little bit of chlorine works wonders against the algae that were starting to appear.:cool:

Nice to read that CS smells heavy. I hope you have no nosey neighbours. What do you mean by selected 20 plants that don't match your ideal of CS, did you remove 20 plants from your flowering room at this stage in flowering??

Don't you feel like your pretty high in Ec? I find 1,2 pretty high already. Some calmag will do them good I guess, watch the Ec, calmag makes it shoot up. Do you extract air when your airco is running?

Keep 'em green, you're nearing the end, and from what I'm seeing I'm sure it will be a happy ending.;)


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@ Twiet I keep an eye on your experience with chlorine but for me to use, i dont know.. i'm using a bio-mineral nutrients line and i'm afraid that the chlorine will kill my soil life, you grow on rockwool so then i can understand the use of chlorine.
I write it wrong in the last update when i speak about the removing of the plants, i removed them only from the mother tent and not from the flower room, fixing that sentence right away. Ec is going to 2,5 today thats the max. I'm used to go that high on soil, haze a little lower but a good size indica plant get a full blast over here. I put my cal/mag booster in the water container before my A and B nutrients so no problem with to high EC from the boosters. I suck out around 400m3 an hour 24/7 and blow that out of the building. Thanx for the questions and see u later.

@MNF first one is ready, 6.5 weeks and she was done but very little and not much smell. I make a picture today before i strip her and hang her to dry.


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I would not use chlorine in your environment, I also don't see any needs. My situation is very different. In my case I believe using chlorine can make the difference between success and failure.

Ah ok, that way it makes more sense, removing them from the mother tent only. So how many plants from how many are you keeping at the moment as possible keepers?

I have no experience on soil so you can tell me anything and I believe you. :)

Keep'em green Noisyboy, I'm looking forward to your updates.


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@ Twiet i have 32 CS mothers left in the mothertent, 20 who can produce at this moment 5-8 cuttings and the other 12 can produce 2-4 cuttings at the moment. The next round is almost there so i have to make new babies next week or so. One thing i noticed when you let this plant grow big it produce less so my idea for the next round was give the cuttings only a few days of 18/6 and then on 12/12. That way i keep the compact with huge buds. Like mstam tell in his topic.

The one who was ready at 6,5 weeks

The mothertent



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Update week 7 , 52 days after i put the light op 12/12
pH 5,8, EC 1.8, CO2 800ppm
The grow goes good, buds are starting to explode more and more. Pictures can say more than 1000 words...enjoy.



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@ Thierry Thanx for the reply. Yes the thrips are here, thanx to the flowers in my living room. I spot them at the previous grow already and had a good talk and say ok in 3 weeks max you are gone. I spray a few times in the first weeks but when the next round was there and the flowers are there i don't spray with chemical products any more and now they like the thc so much they wont go so i let them do there thing. In the mother tent they are the too but i have them almost gone using only natural stuff like ERII and Pyrethrum (from bayer :( i know) but i don't want to spray that stuff at the end of the grow. I thought spidermite was hard but thrips are nasty too. Next round i use a good chemical in the first two weeks and use a soil cleaner, then the most are gone, i hope.


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Have you considered fighting fire with fire?

I always had good results with getting predators for any pest problems I had.


Thrips are tiny pests capable of doing sizeable damage to plants. The thrips predator (Amblyseius cucumeris) moves quickly to attack eggs, larvae and small adult thrips. Female thrips predators, while consuming two to three thrips a day, also lay two to three eggs a day, multiplying the beneficial insect’s population as it feeds.

A. cucumeris, like thrips themselves, are small (1/16 inch or less). These tan colored predatory mites are hard to spot. They are best introduced ahead of infestations or when thrips are first noticed, allowing the predator time to establish an effective population before their prey has a chance to gain footing. Once thrips populations are eliminated, this effective biological control will stay established in gardens and greenhouse, feeding on pollen and spider mites.

The delicate predator eggs are deposited on fine hairs found on the underside of the leaves. Tiny nymphs hatch within two to three days and begin feeding on pollen, pest eggs and the smallest thrips. Their entire life cycle is no more than three to four weeks. Adults are a pinkish beige, tear-drop shaped with short legs front legs. They’re often found resting in hiding places including leaf-stem junctures along leaf veins and in flower heads. They are fond of high humidity and do particularly well in greenhouses.

Neoseiulus cucumeris is also good, it consumes spidermites as well!


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@ gertbfrow

Thanx for the tip, next round i spray until the second week of flowering and then i let in the bugs:D Keep u updated about the results.

Photos of the last week of the flowering, some can go more weeks but after 9.5 weeks it was enough for me. The next round i put the cuttings of the selected ones in soil.

Ec 1.2, Co2 off, 64 days of 12/12

After this pictures i let them in the dark for 48 hour. A little bit mold (not inside the bud and exactly around the place my airco's were dripping) a few seeds in the lower branches in a small area close to the one banana plant i found, but nice yield and excellent weed to smoke, i like the fruity ones the most when you exhale you taste it on your tongue.

The new cutting are rooted now and 90% of the cuttings rooted, i let them grow under PL light for another week and put them in the flower room.

Next week another update of the new round.
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Hey Noisyboy,

Better to smoke some thrips then chemicals ;)

I think they will leave/die in the drying process. If you go 1 or 2 days longer then normal in drying everything should be fine.

I saw a technique where a guy was washing the buds of his plants in water with citric acid and baking soda, don't really know what to think of yet, but he was pretty serious. He basically dumped the whole plant into a bucket with water/CA/BS and then in two others with just water to get rid of dust, spores etc. 2 days longer in drying and everything is fine he said. But Resin won't be the same i think.


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Hi Noisyboy, well done with the grow it sounds like things went mostly well.
What keepers did you decide on for round two? Can you describe your favorite pheno's?
How did you like the high of this variety?
I look forward to the next chapter.
Good to see a quality thread on the CS it doesn't really get the attention it deserves IMO.
Respect PJJ


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Hi Noisyboy, nice growing cool: This is one to have for sure! Resin glands won't fluff off if exposed to water as in water curing all is still there just BLACK in color if left under water for seven days, all resin in tact so baking soda wash won't affect loss of resin.

If you keep control over those tiny little flies you can barely see, you can control most infestations using those Sticky Yellow Fly traps catch allot of bugs you never knew were there works wonders.

Great Blog !


RB 🌴🍌