Critical Mass 4:20 project


I got some Critical Mass a while back that I planted 2-3 weeks ago OD. Before that I pre sexed using ID lights. I didn't keep them under the veg lights long enough & got some buds going OD. Little bitty buds. So I cut them back to get the CM to start over in veg.

The days were to short still & I don't think the spectrum had changed enough. But am I am glad I made the mistake!

I cured those little immature buds & I got a real treat!! But you know that already. :p I was so happy with the CM I fired up an areo cloner & took some CM cuts.

Seeing your pics & mouthwatering bong got a contact high!! :D

Man, I'd recommend Critical Mass to any grower!

Thanks for getting my CM hopes up! Sinse the mature buds are gonna be better than the lil baby popcorn...I am gonna have a very sweet winter!