Critical Haze x Widow, organic & indoor - a bb247 growlog


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I'm really pleased with the end result. One plant. I do what I can to spend no time on training whatsoever and so this plant was just topped a few times. I'll probably run 2-3 of these next go around.

Currently jarred up and reeking of that sour, PUNGENT aroma of old.


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Great work brah! We are blessed to have you share your grows! Glad it turned out in a good way.



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The saga continues--

Here is a plant I gave to a buddy as I ran out of room in my garden. By my own accident, this plant was accidentally let to start flowering, and has successfully re-vegged since. (The re-veg set this plant back about 2 months..) As expected, the re-veg turned this plant into a real bush: very thick, very jungle-y. I had to cut this plant back A LOT. It does rain in these parts, but I have not yet grown outdoors here, so I'm not familiar with what the mold situation is like. Nevertheless, better safe than sorry.

Without further ado, here is the CRITICAL HAZE x WIDOW keeper I found in my pack. Comparing it to the Critical Haze phenos that are posted on the MNS Instagram from time to time, it definitely looks like her mom. I'm very excited for this one as I know what its high can do for a person. I do expect it to fill out. It grew into its larger container (~ 7 gal) very well.