CRITICAL HAZE outdoor grow


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pics of all 6 phenos were taken about a week before halloween. days were cloudy and not to experienced with camera . wish I could have got some better shots(closer). harvest a couple of days before halloween. would have like to go longer but weather was bad. a few rainy days and high humidity at night. CH5 & 9 had the biggest buds . unfortunately they fell victom to mold. didnt find any mold on the others. I estimate they were about 8 weeks into flower and all could have went longer if weather permitted. need to manicure and weigh out. will take some pics of finished buds then put into jars 4 cure. smoke report to follow cure. well it has been fun and alot of work I have cuttings of all 6 going into hydro today


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G'day Yessca, thanks for all your photo's and detail on pheno's, gr8 to see this strain grown outdoors and they look fantastic. Exellent work Yessca, looking forward to your appraisal of the smoko.



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Nice thread!

Hello, Yeska73... Sorry to hear about your weather problems and the plant damage suffered. I wanted to mention to you, that the stalk damage is probably caused by either snails or slugs. You won't see these snails or slugs during the day as it is to hot and only come out at night when cool. If you get a pack of them, say 5 or 6, considerable damage will happen. Look for streaks of silver on the leaf or container, you have them. I add a CIRCLE of copper around the base of stalks due to slugs not crossing over it. The snails will cross over the copper, and you need SNAIL bait for them. I put white paper towels with a scissor cut up the middle and put two of them around stalk. I then add the SNAIL bait in a circle, and the next day all the snails are about dead from the poison. I then very carefully pick up the paper towels and the poison without any on the soil due to contamination. This I hope controls your stalk problems, unless they are little varmits. VERY VERY nice thread on Critical haze as your first thread grow. Peace, resinbud ;)


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Nice job on the outdoor grow Yesca. I enjoy the outdoor shots. I haven't been able to pull off anything like that since the early 80's around my parts. Did you ever describe the smoke in depth or did I miss it? Thanks again for the time & pic's.


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hello Yesca,man that is awesome thread, i love it.Plants are SO beautiful! Real Monsters... thank you for sharing .I run CH in feb.2011 indoor and i love it.