critical Haze grow show coming soon

Billy Boy

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Critical Widow would be awesome. I'am growing a white widow x big bud (Female Seeds X-Line) freebie from an old attitude order and I really like this plant despite it being from feminized seed. The plant produces big hand-grenade, Foster's beer can sized buds. It's a really good commercial strain. It sells easy and yields above average. I would love to get this seed with original genetics in regular seed form OMG just typing it is exciting me...
If you want a preview of what this strain might be like and son't mind taking a chance on a fem. seed, then try Female Seeds ww x bb.
should be starting the Critical Widow next month... I'm very excited about this one....
Also next months Contest winners will get the chance to test the Critical Widow...
Keep 'em peeled


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Are all or majority of the pheno's from Critical Haze fruity in smell? Not only in this grow but from others experience. Sorry if it's already been mention.