Cooked with cannabis


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Greetings brethren of the holy virgin Mary Jane,

After watching cooked with cannabis on Netflix I thought about really enhancing the experience with cooking with cannabis. I want to master the right dose. For myself I can handle a lot as long I am tolerant.

Consider I was not tolerant and want to make an infusion from which 2ml is a soft dose and 5ml is a hard dose? I found a calculation.
If 1g weed has 20% thc then it has 200mg thc.

Yet mg is not ml so how would I end up medicating myself with an infusion without overdosing and getting uncomfortable?


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Just make sure you have some CBD flower or concentrate somewhere. In case you overdose, take some CBD to balance it all out ;)
It is true :)
So if I have 500 ml of almond oil and I want 2 ml to be a soft dose: how much bud of 20% thc should I infuse it with?
I am too stoned on a regular base for math like that lol


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me too. I do edibles and end up smoking.
Watching what a dose in an edible is, it is quite astonishing how little we need. Yet I donā€™t feel it.

Newbies get tricked by the body. Often the body does not recognize the good stuff first time they use something new. So people do not get intoxicated at all. Then they underestimate the power of good weed second time, but now the body recognizes the good stuff and they go bad.

For myself I am looking to cook with cannabis because even vaping starts to irritate my lungs.
I have already vaped buds going into infusion and good decarbed buds going in alcohol.
I have some thc rich salt made out of tincture, but I do not feel a thing from it.