Concerns With Mango Haze Grow



I’ve got a mango haze grow going and I am a little concerned. Concerns are it seems they are taking so long to grow in height and to flower (details below).

I started with 12 plants in 3 gallon pots which seems the best for my small room. Lamp is 1000W. Medium is coco. Nutrition line is Nectar for the Gods with a cycle of feed, feed, tea (microbial addition), flush. I average doing one of these 4 events every 4 days.

Max height from top of pot is about 64” (163 cm). In my previous (and only) mango haze grow, I had light on for 24 hours for two weeks which turned out to be a bad idea. The plants got too tall. This grow has been 12/12 from the beginning.

Plants were placed in the pots on February 12. Two were males and the remaining 10 all look to be females. (Yay!) Males removed.

As of today, plant heights are:

12, 12, 20, 21, 23, 23, 23, 24, 26, 37.

I am figuring plant height ought to average around 30” before nutrition (feed) is changed from late veg to early flower. So, I am removing the three outliers (12, 12, 37) and calculating the average with the remaining 7. So right now the average height is about 23”.

So after 76 days in the pots, average height is 23” (58 cm). Is that within expectations?

Two plants have started flowering. One of the real small ones (12”) and the 26” one. The remaining 8 have no buds.

Is that to be expected?

Any comments, thoughts, suggestions?



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I think that you should learn about low stress training, bending them to do your bidding.

I don't do 12/12 right off the bat for anything so I couldn't tell you if anything was "normal" or not. The "strain" is a polyhybrid, so there are lots of possible growth patterns.
These were from seed i take it?

i would say they are a bit small for the time, but since you started on 12/12, they havent been getting as much light/ growth as i would normally give them.

they should be that size or bigger, with one month of growth.
but from seedling, sometimes it just takes a little time to get going.

then, as pmb said, the strain has plenty of variation.
that variation will also exhibit in the plants flowering response time.
some plants just will not flower until they have grown a bit vegetatively, and feel mature.
when is that? its different for each plant.
combined with the slight variation in growth speed/maturity of each individual, and the point they start to flower can be even further spaced.

a slow growing individual may like to get bigger before it readily flowers,
a fast growing individual may only need to be of medium size before it will flower.
the slow one will not even be of size to flower when the fast one is already showing flowers.


Hi PMB and Jack,

Yeah, I went straight to 12/12 because of my experience with my one other mango haze grow where I went 24 for the first 2 weeks, I believe it was. Some plants were so tall for my environment that I actually tilted the bulb and positioned them away from the light. The crowns of a couple were burnt and just crumpled into like dust.

I take it things are OK and just be patient and give them whatever time they need.

And yeah, is mango haze ever a strain with a high level of variation. As I wrote, two plants are around a foot tall!


I think that you should learn about low stress training, bending them to do your bidding.

PMB, might you know an internet site or two I can learn some of this from?

Thanks again...

Tony (o2)


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I've found bending and tying is a necessity, more often than not, when growing sativa doms indoors. Some plants need almost daily attention, but it's worth it.

It can really help with yield, too.

Dr. Purpur

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Mango Haze!

Years ago Nevil told me he wanted me to buy some Mango Haze seeds. from Shanti. He said it was a very special strain, and wanted me to get them right away. I did.
About the same time, my ex wife acquired an S1 of the old original OG Kush in San Francisco, and my son grew it. I pollenated his antique OG with Shanti's Mango and got only one seed. That seed became my most prized mother. My favorite weed! True 1 hit weed. You cant smoke a joint. Even if you try.

OGMango Haze is something else. It is an advanced grow plant, and has to be done right, but becomes a towering monster, head and shoulders above all others in the garden. It can easily put out 5 lbs per plant. My son thinks it could do 10 lbs if it is started indoors.

It has an incense mango OG flavor, that is mouth watering.

The first 20 minutes is filled with paranoia, but is manageable, since I know it is coming. The high is soaring, creative, and there is a warm buzz in your chest and heart. The whole room changes around you instantly, as if you ware in a cotton ball. You are able to see other perspectives, and things from multiple angles.
We almost lost her this winter, but she is alive and well. People covet and beg for clones, but I hold her close.

I will never let her go


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Aloha braddahs!
Proper veg time is important for good plant formation, expression and yield. Consider using smaller pots to keep the growth down during your veg maturing cycle. Going to flower shouldn't be rushed IME. With this variety, it is going to take time so you might as well do it right. Fact is these longer maturing sativas are going to get tall during the course of their life. Trellising and bending forms are a necessary skill when growing these very worthwhile plants. Without a doubt, some of the best highs can be found in Mango Haze.



Lamp Screw Up

Wow, when I screw up, I REALLY screw up!

I just could not understand why my plants are not taller. Today I just had the thought to check the watt setting (it is variable and the bulb is 1000W).

It was set at 400.:(

Well, I switched over to 1000 setting. I identified another male so not have 9 plants. Two are tiny - like a foot tall. Quite a few are in the neighborhood of something like 26-30 inches tall. One is quite tall. Of the not tiny ones, one is quite flowered and one other fairly well flowered. The rest are in the beginning stages of flowering.

Any thoughts on how big I F'ed up and what I might do to get bigger plants?

Man, I cannot believe this. The plants have been in the pots since February 12 and I switched from veg feed to early flowering feed on May 13.

As I mentioned before, my room is not real tall. Distance from bottom of plants to lamp is 64 inches.

Maybe I lucked out with my room dimensions?

Oh, the leaves are gorgeous. All plants look extremely healthy.



Your post caused me to consider maybe I will not suffer any appreciable negative affects. Perhaps the duration of the grow (in flowering) will result in plants as big as can be managed anyway.

I sure hope so!


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Hey braddah!

So many variables (on ballast), pun intended.

Jack hairy made a good point earlier:
"i would say they are a bit small for the time, but since you started on 12/12, they havent been getting as much light/ growth as i would normally give them."

Add to that, the initial lack of light 400 vs 1000, seems like light duration and intensity has had an impact. Of course you could try various things. You could increase temperature differential with warmer days i.e. +DIF, increase light intensity, max out phosphorus in your feeding, etc. I have not tried a foliar of GA.

But why? I am thinking you have already boarded, set this thing in motion, are down the road and have already made the adjustments for a more comfortable ride. Rather than to focus on how tall your children are or could be, why not appreciate them for who they are becoming. Afterall, they are healthy as you said and they do have good genes lol. Just my 2 cents brah.



Hey MU,

Thanks and sorry, I meant to respond much sooner!

Yeah, I hear ya except it's purely a productivity issue. My guess I am going to yield much less than usual.

But, I have the lamp at 1000W and most of the girls look to be growing pretty good.

We'll see!


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I think that there is a good chance that you will have a decent yield if you keep things healthy until the end.

It seems very likely that you will have plants finishing at different times and that the more sativa oriented plants will continue stretching and filling in while the Indica dominant plants finish.

Plus, as you have seen, plants grown too large in vegetative become limited by the grow area/lamp size.

Best of luck!

I know that I have said it before, but I bought that graphic as a shirt at a dead show in like 1984.


Thanks, PlantManBe,

Yeah, it is looking like yield will not be too bad. One plant is being flushed right now (earliest flower). That likely will not quite yield an ounce. A second plant is close behind. It is a midget. It has maybe 3 buds. So tiny. Another is quite small, but has grown some. Still won't yield much.

I ended up with 9 females out of 12. So the above leaves me with 6 others. One is huge. Three more are decent size and by the time ready to harvest could be close to max height, maybe a foot off. Of the other two, they'll be OK.

So in terms of yield, there is a loss, but I wouldn't classify it as anything near catastrophic.

I always did like the image on my avatar. It is from the Dead album Europe 72. Don't know any more about it than that.


I am wondering if time to harvest can be delayed so that there might be more productivity (more and bigger buds). Such as changing light time from 12 hours on and 12 hours off to perhaps 13 on and 11 off.

Or is that not advisable?

I really have no idea and if it can be a good thing to do, what the recommended on off times are.


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You probably don't want to increase light time once deep into flowering. You could go 11 on and 13 off to speed them up, but going 13/11 may freak them out and cause them to pop male flowers.