coeur d ange ( angel heart )

hi mns,
here is my selected pheno of angel heart,
find out a 17 seeds pack , it was not hard to find a good plant;on 10 fem 3plants was really interesting on his own and no crap.
the plant on picture took 10 week from seed and 9 week from clone.
typical mns haze hybrid grow, slow veg ,big strech on half of the plants,
most of the fem was mango haze dominant ,
but the one i kept is more like ssh.

smoke report:

smell: a mix of super skunk and ssh with a hazy smell after curing 8/10

taste : lime / mango , really fruity with a hint of skunk 9/10

bag appeal :look the pics

potency : start like a ssh joint(really fast) but turn into a calm smooth high (not longlasting and cerebral as ssh), i really like it . 8/10

general: really good medecine , awesome taste for a 9 week sativa hybrid.
perfect for relax ,but fly higher than af/sk hybrids
really easy to grow (light feeder)

i won this pack @ the contest, so thank you again mns crew


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Beautiful pics and description.
thank s for all
I have few Angel heart seed in fridge, I waiting a more sativa run to germinate.
What else for the yield?
Do you have a pics of plant in full?
Do you have a diary of grown?
How long of growth you will advocate/advice ?

Bon smoke and profites en bien! :)

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hi G

i will post soon pics of plants,
most of the mothers grow slowly during veg,
classic sativa strech but quite late ,2, 3 weeks of 12/12,
not a big yielder but it s ok