CF 24/7

I have never used hydroponics, so don't really have a clue.
I want to make a grow using 13.5 litre, 300mm buckets.
I am thinking to use hydroton 100%, with a 24/7 irrigation.
If anyone has experience with this style grow, I'm wondering, can I use beneficials with the hydroton?


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Greetings NR!

i dont have experience with this particular style of hydro but know some of it.

that 24/7 irrigation you suggest can you explain more? do you mean ebb&flow?

to me it sounds like your gonna drown them that way. I thought its more common to feed with a timer on several moments during the day. Hydroton will hold some water as well.

The bennies you can use, but i would give it to the plants by hand and not through the irrigation system. So it wont clog up something.

just my thoughts on it.

Good Day!
Hi, thanks.
Not ebb and flow.
Just trickle irrigation 24/7.
Constant flow. 13litres of root space should allow them to breathe, I hope.
Just wondering if I can activate the media with friendlies.