CBD Shark Shock x 5 in the tropics 🌴🍌


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Hello everyone ! I know, he has another project 10 feet under 😁

I have grown a full pack of Z7 x 10 with excellent results and great smoke.

Also grew 2 CBD Critical Mass plants that were massive specimens with three never germing. Made coconut oil .🌴Excellent sleep medicine.🌚

Now I have 5 Shark Shock girls that are all beautiful specimens with One who smelled first before the others with a stink you just can't believe and a root ball that is impressive. She stayed very short compared to the others but her one sister is even shorter and does smell, Also with a root ball that is amazing.

The other three are much taller and light on smell but rubbing the stems smells on all of them, will keep an eye on all of them and let you know how it goes as us medicine for my wife and gives her sleep, so very interested in the Almost 1%. CBN without THC break down is incredible so looking forward to it and keep you posted.




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Purple pheno

I only had five female seeds of CBD Shark Shock and all of them came up. Two of the females were short and smelly compared to the others so I kept them and then they took off.

Kept the tallest smelliest smallest female, and now decided on keeping this purple pheno and pick of the litter.

The purple CBD pheno is stinky too!

Pictures, eventually :cool:



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I'm highly considering getting this strain for deep muscle relief and back pain.
I may go ahead and start S Shock regular strain or Ortega.Cant make up my mind but a factor to consider is which one might handle cooler nights in the mid 60s.
Looking forward to seeing pics.


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Shark Shock Keeper

Finlly can share hope you like, andyes very much a muscle reacer and very high in CBN for sleep VERY HIGH! Enjoy!


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Looks lovely rb, makes some impressive solid colas. Well done bro. Its really nice to get first-hand information regarding the medicinal applications of the different cbd lines. Thanks brother...


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Very High in CBG,CBN the sleep medicine πŸ‘

Professor, thanks for being interested as the CBN is 0.09% up to 3% is a Massive dose also combined with CBG will give such a nice deep sleep naturally without aging the THC, to cross over to CBN like exposing to direct light and air is a nice feature as I like my medicine cured and will be a staple in my garden, such Dark Dark Green leaves, a beauty.


RB 🌴🍌

Ten feet under πŸ€“


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Have a few CBD Mango Haze and Medihaze going right now. Shark Shock is my next project in the CBD line. Thanks for the nudge brah.