CBD Critical Mass


2021 COE Winner
Grow time -30 days
Structure -tree with well supporting long side branches
Leaf paterns -more into sativa, longer size, light green colors
Nutes tolerance in grow phase -likes a good portion

Flowering time -full 8 weeks
Flowering smell -affie-skunky-fruity
Nugets onset -rapid
Nugets shape -bold buds
Nugets hardness -hard
Nutes tolerance -it will eat a lot ! I didnt keep up well in the end of flowering

Cure - it is tasty immediately
Smells - minty-fresh-citrus cleaner
Level of smell - expansive, not so much discrete, but well masked in citrus
Taste - it is citrusy with hints of hashy aftertaste
Effects - light effects for day time smoke when in work, good for headaches for me :)

Personal review
Fell in love again ;) Why I love CBDs so much lately ? :)
Quite good mood changer ;)
One of tastiest strains I have tried, something for citrus lovers !!

full grow journal here

...better bud photos will come shortly ;)

CBD CM.jpg DSC_4500.jpg CBD CM1.jpg

+20220218_184515.jpg +20220218_184506.jpg +20220218_184626.jpg
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2021 COE Winner
I love the way you organized that. The redirect to the jouirnal is the answer to a problem of mine.

Meanwhile, I can't help but want to try this strain because of your efforts reporting your grow, thanks :)
Thank you for kind words.

I thought this is the most honest review for each strain.
For example As If I say this plant structure is superb, as It will be for me superb, it is nontelling anything, so Iam telling how it really progressed.

About Critical Mass CBD, it really is triplle citrus :)
Very tasty, not powerfull, but that is the nature of CBDs.

I also have to say I didnt expected the citrus smell at this level, It is more citrusy then the Zkittlez. Also good for before sleep medication.
I love to do CBDs before bed time, it really can keep you head calm, not thinking about what troubles awaits the other day, you just fall asleep, and sleep well.

For my back pain, all CBDs helped so far. The most helper here was CBD Nordle.
But Critical Mass lightenes my head, so I think it could be usefull for migrenes and stuff...

I will give you more photos of Critical Mass, once I power up camera ;)


2022 COE Winner
Wonderful journal of your journey into the CBD Critical Mass strain. You post some excellent photos and very helpful information from the grower as well as the end users perspective. Thank you.

I too enjoyed running the CBD CREW Critical Mass and is one of my favourite meds but with that said the more I try from Mr Nice the more favourites I have.

Good problem to have.

Thanks again!


2021 COE Winner
Thank you guys, I hope one day, I will do them all, journals, like this :)

This time iam doing some Devil stuff, then I will jump back on NL5 series )


2022 COE Winner
Think I read somewhere, where Howard said a mix of Devil and Nordle could produce something very similar to the Road Kill very many peoeple are still looking for 30+ years later..

Interested in watching and learning during your progress .

Thanks again