CBD crew strain for pain relief?


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Hi all!

Well, I'm back on the auction kick again! This time, I will be sending some cash along for a pack of CBD gear with my regular MNS order.

I have written to Shanti asking him for input and now I will ask you all:
What CBD crew strain is best for day time pain relief?

I'm looking to help with back pain but not be "stoned" as I work in a safety sensitive field and take my job very seriously.

I look to you previous growers for your experiences- so, let's hear it!!

Thanks in advance,


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While I have not much experience with the many CBD varieties, my AC/DC was a winner. I crossed it with an Ortega and have yet to explore these seeds. The AC/DC by itself was gangly and finicky. I can also recommend CBD Mango Haze and Medihaze. The Mango was massive while the Medihaze remained under 5 ft. Nice good feeling buzz without confusion and lethargy. The CBD Mango is no more but the Medihaze remains. I will try Therapy next.



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For safety at work I would have to day cbd therapy seeing it has the lowest thC AT 1% +/- I have not grown this strain but seeing as you want relief without risking your job that is the strain I would pick


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Wassup wassup guys,

Yeah... CBD therapy is my go to CBD strain currently. I actually just started 2 to run 12/12 from seed with my high THC stuff. Loved it and dose it daily in tincture.

Beyond that, z6 worked super nice as well. Obviously phenotype selection was more important.

I've also found that my pain levels are reduced the most with daily 1:1 tincture and night time high CBD tincture. This does not impact my mental clarity at work and helps with joint pain beyond my back issues.

Figured a lot out over the last two years :cool:

Thanks for inciting such a long over due reply!

Mu, my braddah, you've been holding out. AC/DC x Ortega sounds like a ton of potential!!
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The Sensible Seeds team are constantly updating the list of marijuana seeds available for sufferers of chronic pain and other medical marijuana patients. Keep checking with us at the Sensible Seeds website for updates on medical marijuana for chronic pain or contact us for advice and further information. We are always happy to advise medical marijuana patients. Here are some seeds which are beneficial for the treatment of pain:-
Vision Seeds - Super Skunk Auto - Feminized -
Vision Seeds - NY Diesel - Feminised
Spliff Seeds - Spliff 's Strawberry - Feminised (Gold)
Ministry of Cannabis - Zensation - Feminized
Medicann - Trainwreck - Regular
Medicann - Scrog - Feminised
Medicann - OG Kush - Regular
Jordan of the Islands - Blue God - Regular
Green House Seeds - Chemdog - Feminised -
Emerald Triangle Seeds - Lost Coast OG
Emerald Triangle Seeds - Lost Coast OG - Feminized
Dutch Passion Seeds - Twlight - Feminized
Dr Underground - Pain Killer - Feminized
I gotta great idea! Since sensibleseeds is confidently offering up these seeds on this site, I am sure he would not mind comping me with some so that I can do a side by side with let us say this new G13 variety. Or perhaps an Ortega or NL/Af- something affie. In fact, I challenge any of these other wankers who come to this site to hawk their wares, to provide seed to compare to a similar product being offered by Shanti. I have never seen fem plants come close to MNS potency and I have yet to see consistency on a par with MNS products in other seller’s products. Prove me wrong.