CBD Amnesia


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Does anyone know anything about this strain? It came up under auctions but I cannot find it under the MNS catalog or Under buy now menu.

I need to get a reasonable description so as to understand the expected THC percentage and the THC:CBD ratio.



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It is not an MNS offering so would not be listed as such. These are seeds that were CBD enriched for another company. If it is the plant I think it is, it is a 1:1 variety, roughly 8-10% THC:CBD. A 63 day plant smelling of citrus and grapefruit.

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Thank you a lot musashi!!

Do you happen to know what is the best CBD offering from MNS and CBD Crew for low THC at around 0.3% as required for US hemp certification?


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I wonder if I've ever heard of such a strain of marijuana before. This strain of marijuana is not yet familiar to me. I don't smoke marijuana at the moment, but I want to start vaping. Does anyone know where to buy disposable vape pen Canada? I've searched a lot, but I can't find this. By the way, has anyone ever used such disposable vape pens? I'm just interested in your feedback. Is it worth spending money on this at all, or should you immediately switch to smoking regular marijuana?
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I think it's probably Amnesia Haze from Soma that got enriched with CBD by SB and the CBD Crew.
One of our favourite cultivars in the medical collective is CBD Skunk Haze.

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