Cannabis and Parkinsons

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Hi MNS community,

Does anyone here have any experience in treating Parkinson's with cannabis? Im more-so interested in any strains that seem to work, but by all means hit me with anything that has worked 🙂👍

Thanks 🙏
Do you have Parkinson's or what is your interest?
I am not a doctor and have not treated Parkinson's. There are many studies available thru the NIH website as well as the various PD foundations. I understand that CBD strains are the predominant choice for treatment of dystonia, tremor and anxiety. ACDC, Harlequin, and Widow varieties have been successful in treating other neural dysfunctions like epilepsy. They should have benefit here also. For Parkinson's, MNS varieties that I would consider would be CBD Shark Shock, Sweet n Sour Widow, Gandhi, Therapy. MNS auctions have these at a 15% discount this week. Have a look here. Here are some other MNS CBD strains and descriptions that might be helpful
Thank you Mu,
To answer what my interest is:
My father has Parkinson's unfortunately. He has a very rapid onset too. It's plainly a very cruel disease that no human deserves.

I have a skillset - that is growing and breeding cannabis well. I have been quietly taking notes from all I can in the cannabis industry. LinkedIn community had some interesting answers, much of it contradictory.. or down to the individual patients different needs etc.

I'm not one to sit around doing nothing, especially when it comes to my dad. My goal is to either find or breed Dad a strain that will help him. To see the tremors alleviated would be incredible, that is what I am hoping to find in a strain for him

I have definitely been eyeing up CBD Ghandi. My notes tell me potentially high THC may work too.. other minor cannabinoids such as CBC and CBG are of interest too, I am working on a high CBG line (currently at 14%) in which I intend of having a good fresh suppli always growing for raw juicing with old apples and pears for pectins.

So solid data is gold to me - people who are actually treating parkinsons with cannabis.. what are you doing? What strains are you using? How effective is it?
I had a very good friend with Parkinson's but she refused to consider cannabis for her treatment. It was very sad as she was forced to retire from healthcare after some 30 years. She was an incredible gardener but was having difficulty bc of tremor. She then had a hip replacement which further hindered her, she was no longer able to squat or kneel to garden. She died soon thereafter from a stroke. I suspect it was from a broken heart.
I got an ACDC cut some years ago and used it for my Crohn's. It tested out at 20:1 and worked well in capsule form. I have since crossed it with Ortega and it is a very relaxing smoke. I grow and make lots of things from CBD strains for other people. MediHaze is my fav along with CBD Nordle, Shark Shock, Mango Haze. They are all good for CBD. I don't personally use as much as I'm drawn to reg THC/low CBD strains i.e. hazes. Tho like you say many sativas will work here. The terpene profiles for Mango Haze and the newer Holy Grail are impressive.
I would think oil capsules with CBD/CBN to enable Dad to sleep restfully and CBD 1:1 tinctures during the day when tremors intensify. Important to try different strains to see which ones work best for your Dad's particular chemotype.
Good luck and prayers brah.