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Lol, haven't you ever heard the term above ground? I'm pretty sure your a smart enough guy to figure it out.

I'm not scared of the fanboys that don't like fem beans, that's their choice. I've grown plenty of fem seeds and standard M/F seeds and I'll take the fem beans every time. Nothing anyone says can change my mind. If I was looking to preserve genetics in a line then I'd take the standard M/F seeds, but If I'm just looking to grow and look for keepers it's Fem only for me.

That's the whole reason I went with Female Seeds instead of Mosca, Joey, ect.


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sweet sweet cindy

seriously in love with this chick, cannot get enough. Shots are @ 8 weeks with a few days left to go. Multiple (topped several times) buds are flopping as is typical for cindy. This is the sat dom which is my favorite as mentioned previously. This one will actually yield pretty well if dialed in. High is nice and up, some report too paranoia inducing but I love the high.



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im growing some cindy right now. pretty happy so far




photos at 2 weeks 12/12 shes going to be fast and frosty


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funny C99 story

I scissored some fresh C99 last weekend to roll some joints. Post cutting/rolling I noticed quite a bit of kief on the cutting plate, so I scraped it up and snowcapped a c99 nugget in the bong. Took it slow to maximize the kief, and had just cleared the tube and put the bong down when suddenly a head rush on par with nitrus oxide huffing washed over me. "Uh oh" I thought and next conscious memory is I am lying on the floor on my back. Fortunately no injuries but I'll be damned if in 25 years of chronic smoking I have ever had that happen before.

toke on


old thread

Hi All,

I know this is an old thread, but I feel a need to respond. I am on the search for such genetics. I don't care of bag appeal, flower times etc. I am looking for what the medical side holds for me. Funny how I use to think indica's were IT. Found that the paranoia inducing herbs etc were where IT's really at for me. I know of the talk of c99, and all I can say is this.

MNS The Doors, and NH...You may not find the flower time at 8weeks, but the smoke is incredible, and well worth it. Much love all...Ns


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My research into C99 led me to peakseedsBC.

It was either that or waiting for the re-release scheduled for 2016 by the original breeder who founded Bro's Grimm back in the day (forgot his name).
Over at IC Mag I was told to wait for his re-release this year which he apparently announced in some interviews/posts.

But peakseedsBC C99 is, according to them and some who grew it, derived from Frost Brothers stock which in turn came from what was left of Bro's Grimm when they left the game.

So it should be good.

It isn't listed on the website of peakseedsBC but if you contact Mike via mail, he will make you an offer.

Other than that, people mentioned Mosca's C99 backcross as being alright but I have also read less than stellar reviews about it as well.

Considering that peakseedsBC's C99 starts at 4$/seed (less if you can bargain/make a larger order), I went with peakseedsBC's C99.

I think the Bro's Grimm re-release might turn out better in the end but it will also undoubtedly be more expensive.


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Well as per usual I have puffed all the recent cindy before others. I found a few small nugs at the bottom of the jar. The right nug is c99 (sat dom), the few scraggles on the left are Luci (pc of LNxc99). I really love Luci, perhaps a bit more than cindy. Luci has a very unique flavor, you just want to keep sampling more and more, church incense/hash flavor. High is very cerebral, very clear. Both plants flop/need staking, produce very orange hairs, and are ready in 65 days.

I will post pics of current crop soon about 2 weeks into flower, more PCs (look great) plus the usual suspects including c99 and luci. I do love c99 very much.



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Broseidon is right about the quality of the C99 coming from PeakSeedsBC. They're all very good, in my opinion and experience though I'd rate #4 as the best with regards to sheer potency.

Peace be with you from RastaKev :cool:


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Those look very very similar to the ones I was running a couple of years ago that were from Grimm stock. The only thing I don't miss is the flop :)


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I was interested to see Mr Soul say he was moving to Colorado and all original parental stock will be used to resurrect Grimm Brothers. A great strain, reminds me of super skunk with haze side. As others noted not the best yielder but you can sog or put 3-4 per 5 gallon bucket to compensate.


i bet the pineappel comes from the shiva part

too bad that they switched mothers, so we dont know if its the garlic or the nl side in it ...


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I grew the Mosca 2 years ago.

It was very slow growing, low yield of some really good weed.

I had a Pineapple pheno. If it wasn't for the low production, and slow growing I would have kept it. Every plant was potent. NO problems there.

It was kind of similar to the Mr Nice Critical Mass, in looks, density and I also got a Pineapple Pheno out of the CM. except CM can have a HUGE Yield. I also got Grapefruit phenos.

I only got 7oz out of a Mosca C99 under a 1000 watt Hortilux, in 20 Gallons of Promix BX. Did I mention it was Really Slow Growing ? The stems were also very thick, and stiff making training all but impossible. I grew out 6 Mosca Females out of a pack out 10. C99 was vegged 2 months under a 1000 Watt Hortilux.

But the buds were very very dense, had a killer smell, very potent. Sativa Buzz. Very long lasting

I recently came across a very potent CM selection, that also can produce 2lbs per light. = KEEPER.

Ive also been running Mr Nice SSH for 2 years, and my selection plant is the fastest growing, x best producing plant Ive seen in 40+ years, but the CM can also be just as potent as SSH, but also does not grow as fast. A good SSH has tremendous genetics.

For now though the CM is going to replace the SSH.

Other than low production, I don't see anything wrong with the Mosca genetics. I believe the C99 is a Low producer anyway ??
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Afaik C99 was never lauded for being a high producer but for basically being a "fast finishing Jack Herrer" with great vigor etc. and awesome taste and potency.

I am looking forward to trying the C99 from peak.

why not cross your CM grapefruit and pineapple phenos with each other and also with the C99?
Grow out the progeny, make F2 seeds and see if you can't get a better yielding, better or same tasting and potent C99xCM?

If you won't do it, I will, eventually :D
Don't know if I will find pineapple or grapefruit phenos in my CM though but you mentioning that you found one and the fact that Bubblegum was made with BigBud(Critical Mass) gives me new hope that CM is more than just a potent producer but actually a treasure trove of flavors and aromas as well.


had a c99Xcm, done by a good frined of mine

old mrnice packages and cindy was also the original from grim bros

anyways, yield department was about the same (i cant understand why ppl think of c99 as a low producer), taste was on the cm side: spicy, earthy kush tones, potency was stronger, but the high was pure indica go to bed sleepy stoned, extraordinary!

so what did c99 do to cm ? it just changed the shape of the buds and gave the plant an overall tada bit more sativa limb stretchy structure

this cross is to me a waste of time, not that its bad pot, but you dont get something "new" or something improved compared to the parents, id rather have pure cm and pure c99


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Very valuable information Deran!

I still would say that it is unlikely you/your buddy had the CM Grapfruit and Pineapple phenos that 59lespaul mentioned?

But the expectation that any C99xCM cross would lean heavily towards the indica side of things seems logical and reasonable.

I say you can never truly know beforehand in genetics but the experience is very valuable nonetheless.

Oh and i never said that C99 is considered or that I look at it as a low producer!

But unlike strains like CM, being a huge yielder is not its selling point either. Its selling points have always been (imho) the quickness to harvest and flavor while retaining the potency and type of high known and loved from Jack Herrer.

Just how I understood this strain.


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Disappointed to hear of the low yield.
I've just popped 10 of Mosca's bx.
9 females and one male.!
Looks to be a nice range of phenos. I'll be putting these into flower soon.
Vigorous plants so far, and the certainly seem like they'll produce.


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The c99,s seed company's sell are inbred lines derived from the original bros Grimm stock.. It really makes perfect sense they would be lower yeilders.
The original bros Grimm c99,s were decent yeilders.. I have grown out 3 packs of the of bros Grimm stock during the day.. A few different phenotypes.. But all were winners.. The pineapple phenos seem to have been popular and considered the ones.. Me personally.. I found an amazing plant.. I had her around for many years but lost her in a raid.. I handed a few clones out.. But they were long gone by then.. Anyway the plant was a decent yeilder.. It's keeper status was due to flavour and high... The taste was just an amazing tropical fruit smell and taste... Not a particular fruit but just tropical lushness.. This flavour was so intense it was almost sickening. It finished in just under 60 days.. And had the most intense hazy stone I have come across... It could induce the most heart racing intense paranoia.. But in the right amounts me and many others loved her.. We named her Dianne after my wife.. Such a beautiful specimen.. I'm thinking it was that 1/1000 plant you wish you could find
I wish she was still with us!
I now have 5 packs of the new bros Grimm stock.. Hoping to find something real special. Especially since I shelled out over a grand.. Ah well.. Paid more than that for some Dutch flowers seeds in the day.. One pack!!! Was it worth it.. Hell yeah.. But that's another story.. Going to dig out the old hard drives and see if I can find some pics... You can smell her through the pics!! Haha.. Will keep a diary of the new c99 if anyone's Intrested...peace... S


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Hi man Yeah I'm interested in seeing your diary anyway! That's some amount of money to be spending on seeds ya mad fucker!! I'd want a car for that money! Each too their own tho hey.

I've 3 C99 in flower now, almost 5 weeks in, they all have a nice sweet fruity smell but one has a strong pineapple funk from it. The 3 of them have above average resin production but below average yields at this stage. But maybe the buds will have a bit of weight to them come harvest time. Hopefully the smell sticks around too. I got these seeds in a trade back in 2010 and they were made by a dude called Brother Monk who hangs around breedbay I think.


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I have grabbed a heap of the Brothers Grimm new releases and am looking forward to seeing what they bring. Will definitely be interested in what you guys find too...


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I have grabbed a heap of the Brothers Grimm new releases and am looking forward to seeing what they bring. Will definitely be interested in what you guys find too...
Nice one mate.. Interested to see how there new releases turn out!?
The new Killer Queen will be one to have! Be interesting to see how it compares to Vics! Regardless.. I'm sure it will be Killer!
Grimmdica looks very interesting to.. Hard core indica!!
Exciting times in the cannabis genetics world.
Peace.. S