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Thanks, i kept 2 pheno's that are very different, this is the "fast " 14 week chunky pheno. My experience with force flowering all through the summer is they become a bit faster than indoors, probably because of the light intensity in the summer months. I think she will be done with 85/90 days.
I noticed this also with forced flowering around peak summer.(y)


Here’s a few pictures of what is finishing up. The first is Cinderella Pinnapple and the second Princess Haze which is a cross of SSHaze and Cinderella 99.
Both are Brothersgrimm and they are small plants.I think he uses a ruderuis strain for shorter plants for indoor growing and they do get branchy so trellis net is a must on most of his strains.
Most of the C-99 strains have sandlewood,incense aroma which is what I like.
I’ve found them with MNS hazes before just takes time but still nothing has compared to the Mango Haze hybrid I grew from MNS.
Im out of MH IB seeds and am waiting for next batch.
I’ve been having problems finding good quality coco coir since the virus aftermath and started some beans in bad coco that just wouldn’t develop any roots.Even the big brand names I have always gotten useable coco was complete crap.
I finally found some good coco and it’s very consistent.


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