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Bucket list of Best scenes from a film!!!

Proud Kraut

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Hi All

probably one of the best short films ever used for an introduction of a movie...

that is from Lord of War.....

enjoy if you can. Sb

This movie came instantly to my mind for this list...the whole warloard theme was also well done in Far Cry 2 video game - with the XBox 360 trigger like L and R buttons one the most enjoyable experiences as a game imnsho

Did not go thru the whole list here but pretty sure this didnt come up as it is a super overlooked stoner movie. Watched it like 10 times...highly recommended.

'Inherent Vice'


Proud Kraut

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Great scenes in movies;

I'll start with an oldy. Marathon Man: "Is it safe?"

Another oldy, also with Lawrence Oliver, Boys From Brazil: "nice doggies"

what do ya know? another oldy. "None Shall Pass"

a remake of an oldy: True Grit, "Bold Talk"

One of my favorite recent flicks, also with Jeff Bridges, Hell or High Water: "sniper scene"
Hardcore you knew Boys from Brazil...underground shit