Bought a pack of MasterKaze today


cola bro


Hey guys,

it has been away, some would say an eternity (a whole grow!)

so I got hese babes n I want you guys to know what I thnk re Master Kaze

here goes:
You have these smaller phenos, Im only just coming through with my girls so look to grover (or groover) for advice on the more kush type there...
There is this one girl, she grows with a big cola of sativa type...smooth bottom, spicy, strong and exhilerating
grover is not too keen but I think she is sweet
You also get this incredible skunk pheno - like no other really...absolutely beautiful LOOKING...strong, taste okay high too stoned but strong as you like... Grover has one double the size so mine is not the keeper...this one should yield 50g at the very least or it aint good - you may find a tiny one but immaculately formed and ready in 5-6wks I reckon - it is good but that aint the keeper... it should be twice the size


Jeeze Im stoned

from the other side of the river