bornon's 'lil' hoop grow 2013


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thought id throw a pic of this years outdoor\indoor (will be light deprivation)
bunch of smaller seedlings coming up on left (all mns gear) and some older ladies that had been slated for the juicer, but pulled themselves around enough to stay in the hoop. they will continue ti veg till early/mid july then flipped.

i have a little test this year to see if 100 gallon pots can compete with in ground plants, im thinking not, but well see. sorry just i phone pic
hoop is 24x48 x11.5 tall
i light depped here in NW with amazing results last year, hope this year even better!



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holy shit that is a nice hoop house . What are your outside temps like ?
What strain u got ?


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Seattle area, wet and rainy often, but the suns coming. They will veg another 5-6 weeks then I'll flip them to finish in August. Harliquin, permafrost, dj short blueberry sativa, alien kush (cherry pheno) CBD crews sweet and sour widow, critical skunk, haze, mass, girl scout cookies, grand daddy purp (kens cut) the whole back row is mns gear, I'm forgetting a few for sure! They will come to me lol.
At live where outdoor typically sucks, but with an early light dep finish, it ROCKS!
There want be much room to walk in there when there finishing, I like to grow trees! Lol
Dominion organics full lineup.
The hoop is lined with buckets growing 26 different herbs and tobaccos for terpene sharing, salad yummies and bug repellants.