black widow in dreamtime?


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Hey 123chadder,
The description say's that,all current varietys may be found in a pack of "dreamtime",so i'd say yes they are in there,finding and identifying them is a different matter:).
I can testify that you will find something potent in there,I was gifted some "dreamtime" bud from a friend i helped out,and it knocked me on my arse,in a good way,i'd definately give it a go for the money:D.


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Dreamtime phenos are like christmas mornin'

Dream'TIME is the best. I'm in love with the strains that are poppin' its been a while (months) since I started this journey of finding different strains in my garden. I have the Afghan Haze and have I.D'd a "medicine Man" type pheno, a "devil" type of pheno and another that I'm not sure of YET. I found a mango smelling type -Mango Haze??, a few are looong tall lanky fifis with a sm.long buds (foxtails)and another next to her is the same but has nugs like golf balls and at week5 they're getting a light golden shade over them now I'm here to let medical marijuana people over the globe know that this assorted pkg is worth its weight in gold. That is, IF your into searching the cannabis world for a different type of medicine for different ailments. Makes things more interesting when a friend has an ailment and you are the one to offer them a medicine that helps THAT particular ailment. Its got me like a kid on Christmas morning finding a new present. Thanks to the folks at MR.NICE SEEDBANK and friends. Seems they're the ones that understand an ol'hippy from the 60's/70's and some of the youth of today as a group that simply likes being medicated but on the better choices that we have out there. God bless Mr.Nice AND company(S).


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