BenPlantin Early Haze


High ladies and gentlemen,

Finally, I've ben plantin so now it's official im ben plantin.

Will update the threads as the universe decides.

I hope life is treating you all as well and you all consuming the goods from mns, its good shit.

Early Haze is a must try for real, complex abundance of flavors, good uplifting feel good high.







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Hi BenPlantin, I’ve sure been enjoying all your strain base updates!

How would you compare the potency of Early Haze compared to Pink Floyd?

Plants looking awesome man, keep up the good work:)


High Jake,

Thanks for checking them out, stoked you like em.

The real thanks goes to those that made this even possible, shanti, howard and neville... and im sure many others.... then all the other inspiring grows from the mns family here.... without them it wouldnt have been possible.

Potency of early haze and pink floyd was about the same from what i grew.

i smoked the whole final harvest from my tiny 1m x 1m flower tent in last 10 weeks...approx 400 grams... 10 fat doobies a day minimum most days. pretty much became immune to it... its done its job and activated my cannabinoid receptors and neural pathways so i feel a pleasant high all the time.

other casual smokers that sampled any of it only needed 5 to 10 tokes and they were out :D

i havent had any herb for past week and all lungs need a break for a while... my lungs need to last a lifetime and when the smoke is so good its easy to smoke a lot... id prefer to eat it in the future.
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Yeah I am also wondering. How early? How strong? How tasty?

Looking forward to hearing the straight dope.


Take a trip to the place dreams are made of, pop those beans, you will be pleasantly surprised for the magic show that unfolds before your eyes !

I thought the photos above and the title above with the number of weeks flower would make obvious the one I had was ready in 8 - 9 weeks :)

Decent producer, not as much as the pink floyds but not too far off, approx 3/4 of what the pink floyds each produced.

Aromas/flavors - full and complex, much like the pink floyds but the real stand out prominent flavor i would describe as sweet floral rose. Of the recent grow, this flavor/aroma was unique to the early haze.

Potency - id say about 9/10... on par with pink floyds and the mango haze, but like all things is relative to the individual and quantity/potency of herb being smoked at the time.... heavy users are less impaired than casual users... if i had 1/4 - 1/2 a doobie now after two weeks with none id be as high as i was 2 weeks ago after 1-2 doobies.

id love to grow more of early haze, i bet she has a lot more to offer, and this one plant has me further interested in the early queen herself.
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Great thread!

The Early Queen high is quite enjoyable. Also tolerance build-up is surprisingly slow.
Definitely worth a grow.

Thanks for sharing your pictures with us :D
I will have to try Early haze sometime.

The list of must try strains is getting very long! lol


yeah man, you got it.. all too often the red tape is bureaucracy... but i aint havin none of that..

i had a few males i kept under control with much less light to slow and reduce growth and pollen production, along with lot of pruning.....

males i had were... 3 x La Ninas, 1 x pink floyd, 1 x mango haze, 1 x early haze.

no special breeding program here, just did the best i could with what i got in the circumstances... really just wanted to replace some of the seeds id used up to make sure i always have some stock. the labelled branches only give a higher likeliness that it is what they are labelled but no guarantee because i didnt have the facilities to control things as closely as they ideally would be to ensure its 100% what the labels say.

i threw some seed outside a week ago that i thought was unviable, only to find four small plants yesterday :D

what id love to is get 100- 1000 seeds of all the mns collection and do some serious selection :D

i will post up some photos of the males as soon as i get a chance, im a little busy sorting a few other things at present time.
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I really appreciate you going to the effort to document your recent MNS grows; it's very helpful. I'm increasingly interested in Early Queen and Early Haze. Maybe next summer...

The labelled branches only give a higher likeliness that it is what they are labelled but no guarantee because i didnt have the facilities to control things as closely as they ideally would be to ensure its 100% what the labels say.
I agree with this sentiment, it's really hard to be 100% positive that labeled branches contain only the seeds from the intended male pollen. Especially hard to pull off if you're pollinating a female with pollen from several males. I cringe every time the paintbrush touches a bud and a little cloud of pollen floats away. We can only do our best.