aussie bush growin goodness! 2021/2022


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Yeah mate try resizing them to around 600 x 600 or there abouts. The site seems to struggle with large files atmo.
If they are a couple of hundred kbytes should be good. Upload to your album and then cut and paste the BB code from the pic you want into the thread.
Hope this helps


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I can never get pictures to upload. I just use a hosting site and then copy paste the image code to my post. Kind of a pain, but gets the job done.

Would love to see some outdoor shots.....



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I am in Oz and these plants would not finish where I am. They would soon resprout and go back into veg.. Melbourne Cup is when I put my tomatoes out and that is also when daylight length is inappropriate for flowering without regular shading. You must be somewhere up North.



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KT, nice to meet you my friend, your grow is so obviously a dedication to excellence it’s great fun to watch. Appreciate you taking the time to share it.
What’s your favorite plant out there right now and why?


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Very nice
Love seeing plants growing outdoors in Aus
The SSH is definitely a winner
You won't be disappointed with the finished product
Looking forward to following this one along and seeing how they finish
I have some girls that were moved outside, they started flowering nicely but I put them out a little to late, starting to see signs of reveg
All good, they will be monsters come march/April!
Great to see Aussie growers around the boards!
Regards, Sensient


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We need a thread on how to post photos anonymously. From what I have garnered Tor browser offers some protection and perhaps more importantly removing the data attached to any photos offers a degree of protection as well. Would be nice to get some guidance in this area.
All the best @King Tubby


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In Windows 10.
Right click image file, select properties.
Go to Details tab, on bottom of that tab Remove Properties and Personal Information, new info box opens that says Remove Properties.
Click the button that says Create a Copy with all possible properties removed, click OK.
Now you have a new image file named Copy of (whatever file name originally was on image file) and it will be untraceable save for someone that wants to spend thousands of dollars to trace that file (hint: too much trouble for anyone to bother with).

Feel all snuggly and safe now ?
BTW, it's virtually impossible to use a online image as evidence in a legal case unless there is something stupid like your fingerprint or face in the image.
If it's a pic of a plant there is nothing that can be used in any criminal case against you....think about it, it's a plant and it's an image you could have downloaded from anywhere on the net.
Just be sure there is nothing that can be identified as solely being yours (license plate ? outside front of house ? street signs ? shit like that).
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With resources at a premium these days, common sense informs us that unless you are stealing electricity from the man or getting carried away with thousands of plants, it doesn't pay for them to get involved in most cases. Besides they are too busy rounding up those real criminals, the anti-maskers and anti-vaxxer types, and arresting concerned parents at school board meetings. /s



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Feel all snuggly and safe now ?
Yes and thanks pays to be cautious where I come from.
common sense
I agree with what you are saying. I have noticed that I am not the only person from Oz who gets a little worried about this stuff though. We are a few years behind the rest of the world and not sure they have told the coppers in some of these small towns about the rule changes. I have always said as long as you are not doing anything else illegal or stupid in your life they will probably leave you alone. I just don't want to leave a breadcrumb trail that someone can follow later on. Will erase the data from the photos and that should be enough to ease my mind. Thanks again.