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Friday just gone was my birthday..I got up quite early, was having breakfast and coffe and was about to have my birthday with my family..A few days prior to this I had bid on several auctions, over the next few days I was outbid on all auctions except 'ASH Winter Cleaning' lot..( I had bid on both of the ASH WC lots, but was outbid on one)...

Finishing my breakfast and coffe, there was a few hours left on the auction, so I went to my mothers for the family get together for my birthday and a second christmas dinner..Once there I opened my presents, one from my sister was James Herberts new book..Any of you like james herbert and know what his book is called ? Well, its called ASH.. haha It reminded me of the auction and I went check it and I had won the ASH winter cleaning lot!! Awesomeo!

Man I was so chuffed (As you can probably

So I had an awesome birthday! :D

I will see what they have to offer in the new year :)

How many phenoes is there of this strain..? And any traits that any of you have found to look out for ?

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I pop up 6 beans of ASH.
2 was male.
On 4 "femelle", 2 show me "banana" after 7-8 week from 12/12 :mad::mad::mad:. I have to cut quikly (1 week with pure water to clean soil).
I think 2 (one hermie and one femelle) are more Afghan skunk and 2 look like more hybride Sativa/indica.
they need 1 (or maximum 2) week more to be good. But I can't wait with hermie, I really don't like seed in my join.
Anyone is extremely extremely resinous, but 3 are in average and one (hermie afghan skunk) is better.
But I don't think (but I m waiting the smoke test) that I keep a mother of this ASH.
If hermie afghan skunk didn't been a hermie, maybe I should keeped.

See you

I'm sorry for my bad english
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Thnx for the reply!

Sucks that you had males and hermies..:S

mine havent arrived yet.. I look forwards to germing a load though..xD


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Geoffrey, sorry to hear you had bad luck with the ASh. were there lighting problems there? just wondering with the hermies.

Draz, have you got seedlings going? Maybe you can start a grow thread on ASH ?
Alot of growers here would appreciate a fresh grow thread! Good Luck!


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Hey Stone splitter,
Yes I have about 20 going at the moment, they were vegged for 4 weeks (ish) then put into 12/12 last week.. I would have vegged longer , but its likely that I will be moving soon (Before they are done maybe even :S )

This damn bedroom tax they have now implemented in the UK.. ie- if you have a spare bedroom and collect help towards your rent..(Housing benefit) you either have to rent it out OR lose 14% of your housing benefit.. if you have 2 bedrooms spare its 25% you lose..

So yeah..not great timing...

Regards to the grow thread, I don't have a camera :S I am looking to buy one shortly(Within the Next month).. So hopefully I can document the last few weeks..

Anyone have any pics of their seedling/Young ASH in veg ? I would love to see what variations other people got..:)


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hiya doing draz, that was a cool birthday you had. You shoulda played the lottery.Your look was up front that day.

I also have some ASH nuggets on the way. SSSOOOO,I guess im gonna be looking at yours,to help me with mine:)

I gotta tell you,i chose the shit mostly because of the genetics.
But partly also because of the price. And,i am comparing it to more costly strains and,the shit is outperforming them.A REAL BARGAIN.

So now i have ash,shit and,critical skunk to grow.
I do believe ash is gonna be a real keeper for us.
Good luck with the grow and,if you document it,i will be watching and,taking notes. Smokie.


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Hey guys,
I have been without a PC for a while after mine gave up the ghost..:(
So, I just gotten my new PC, built it myself..its pretty high specc adn should last a few years @least...

I do have a few on teh go at the moment.. There seems to be 3 - 4 very different looking and smelling plants.. many are very sat dom in teh way they look and grow, with a few very short broad leaved indica dom looking ones..
The majority are tall gangly sat lookign though.. Flower structure on them looks different as well..

I pulled all the males, but have taken cuttings from two, one indi dom, one sat dom.. and have them now rooting well... and pollen collected from them both..

I made a bit of an error though..and I may have mixed up some seedlings, so some are possibly from a line I have been working on myself, 2 landrace sats x Bomb Seeds Hashbomb (1 that was a sticky pheno, and another that was very oily and made your hands silky smooth rather than all sticky)..

I have started another load of my own line which I have called (for ease at the moment) sticky and So, I will see what happens..P.S - I still have another load of ASH seeds will be starting another load of them as soon as my new pots and coco arrive.. I want to get them outdoors in June..


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Hey Guys,

Thanks Tapi ;) You too mate :)

I have just started another load of ASH, this way I can compare tehm to the ones I already have, and hopefully see if any of the ones in there are not ASH, as like I said, I previously mixed some trays up.. I I made sure to label everything perfectly this time haha..:)