ASH!!! uh-huh.. Can't wait, to Smoke Some of This!!

king acehole

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Day 65 12/12--Harvest

Hi all,

Let me start by saying that ASH 7, which is just finishing drying, is definitely a keeper.:D She was the first plant in the garden to produce resin, and in copious amounts. I've been vaporizing some ASH7 popcorn since yesterday and I'm delighted with the early tests. She smells and tastes like lavender and concord grapes with a touch of hazy spice. The effect is very nice, luxurious, haha... I'll wait till the smoke report to comment further.

So after a couple days of darkness, ASH 1, 2, 5 and 6 got the chop today! ASH 6 is looking really nice, the others could have gone a bit longer but we'll have to try that out on the clones.

Okay, enough blathering, here's some pics of the harvest!:)



Grover Sativa

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nice going Ace...what did you think of the short flowering Af/Skunk phenos compared to the longer flowering, more cola-inspires AfghanHaze dom ones?

Taste wise? High wise? Yield wise?

I found the af/haze plants real yielders...donkeydickers, if you know what I mean!

The Af/Skunk plants were pretty damn quick finishers...took me off guard, in a way!

Great Stuff

Ashley Sativa

king acehole

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Hey Grover,

Thanks man! I can definitely attest to the donkey-dickness of ASH, they're all huge yielders except for ASH7 which I'm thinking is a AF/Sk pheno and has the most resin. I'm looking forward to comparing them all myself, but this is my first run of her so it's going to be a couple weeks before I have a better idea of their personalities. Yesterday's finger hash did the trick though!

Until then, on with the clones, pics soon.


king ashhole

king acehole

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ASH 8 Day 14

Hey all,

While we're waiting for stuff to dry...

ASH 8 got moved into the back today, she's got 400 watts to herself now. I staked her, tied her, spread her apart and broke her neck. She's going to be, by far, my biggest yielder ever. Wonder if she'll be haze, skunk, or afghan leaning? There's going to be lots of whatever she is. I'm curious to see if I can get anywhere near 400 grams.

Sorry there's not better pics of ASH 8, my hazy mango is in the way so I had to shoot around. She's filling the 2'x3' closet nicely though!

And a few pics of the tent... 2 x all the ASH, Mango and Dreamtime in clone form! 20 plants in 2 gal bags o' coco. I'm really excited to grow these plants again, in a more controlled way, smaller, with topping and training... should be more efficient.:cool:


Joe King Park

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Someone Suggested A.S.H To Me For Pain . Unfortuneatly The MNS Approved Seed Vendor In Amsterdam Did'nt Have Them In Stock , So I Went N.H.S ( Yes, It's taken 60 Years To Finally Fix The National Health Service :D, Thanks Shanti.
I Am Growing An ASH Plant Now Though:)
J.K Park


what size containers do u originally repot those one gallons into...i am loving the yields you got, what was your final container size for the first run, i'd love to know...i see u are starting round 2 in the 2gal bags is this smaller or larger than your first run? Thanks and appreciate the details, i'm using ASH to fill the gaps for the seeds that don't sprout this run and was hoping i could get away with one gal pots under a 600w if i flowered at 8-10inches max in a more SOG style


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Well this has definitely inspired me to show some more attention to my Ash seedlings. VERY VERY nice grow.. That picture early on where you crammed them together for a photo op cracked me up. Awesome job!

Matthew Riot
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Hi King,

Do you have a smoke report yet? Would love to hear your thoughts on med issues with this strain. Especially with pain, muscle cramping etc...Also maybe the hazey side with if you can nerve issues/pain. If you can any of those would be great. Thank you king, and I hope you well enjoy the fruits of your labour...Btw what vaporizer do you uise? Tell me a lil about it if you would. Likes/dislikes...Thank you again....Ns