ash grow - all hermies


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has anyone had problems with ASH before
i have just done a grow and am in the process of cutting them down
i planted 18 seeds and got 100% success rate in germination
all plants grew up well in perfect conditions however when put into flower i was a bit worried after i had to pull 12 out as they were male or hermies, so only left with 6 plants
as the weeks went by i noticed some odd male flowers appearing then a week later noticed all my plants were seeding!
it seems as i trim them i can find little male flowers open all over each plant
all these plants were hermies
i have never had this problem before with any other seeds so would love to know why all these have been hermies from a supposed reputable seedbank


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Hi Starskee,
I can not say that I am familiar with any hermaphrodite issues with Ash, below is a picture of ash that was grown by a friend of mine a few years back and there were no reported issues with the line.

It can be difficult to determine where or if any of your problems originated in the grow room, or from other determining factors without more information however. Generally a picture and general outline of your grow room and environment can help narrow down possibilities, though without being there with first hand knowledge to each growers habits it can be difficult to access individual problems.

Shanti does not breed plants for hermaphroditic tendencies, and with nearly a decade growing his lines I would suspect it is moving too fast to point fingers with problems just yet. More information at the very least is needed.

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firstly let me say we never heard of this or experienced ASH with problems at all. I think if you speak to others on the forum with experience with this plant you will hear how they did it and what their experience was.

Considering I had not flowered mothers and F1 seed out for a year I decided myself to do just that this year. We are well into flowering and Critical mass and MKSK are developing the fastest and all fine. I have seen not a single male flower on any of the 18 strains we are doing or on any particular plant so if the intersex trait was dominant like you are experiencing it would show...and it does not.

This would lead me to believe something else is at play. Maybe if you wish to get specific help then pm me the details of the grow so we can try to sort it out and help. All the best Sb


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that sucks but it really don't sound like its a genetic problem as all the plants hermed which sounds like something stressed them out.

how many grows have you done in that particular grow room?
and did you do anything at all difrent in this grow?

I know some nutrients have a warning about possibly causeing intersex. their are a million things that can stress a plant. but I would definetly pm shantibaba he probally has more expirience than anyone on this forum.


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Could it possibly be that an indoor environment is triggering the herms? I mean, if the breeding and screening work is all done outdoors, perhaps the plants are getting sensitive to common indoor stresses ie light leaks, high temps etc. And are now better suited for the outdoor environment?

Just a thought, I know very little about selection and breeding practices. And I'm aware I am talking to a guy who has dedicated his life to these things.

Peace and love dudes


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That sucks

Man that sucks about the herm issues. I have to give Shantibaba some credit. He was right on top of your thread, and offered his assistance to you. I know ya can't get your time and effort back, but most breeders/ seedbanks would tell ya your shit out of luck. Stand up guy from everything I have read.
Good luck with future grows.


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Yeah, no problems hermaphroditic wise with the ASH on this end either.

It might be something environmentally induced.

I've said this to others, some fertilizers and additives turn the hermie switch on. Some products even list the possibility of inducing intersex traits right on the bottle.

One such product is the liquid humus by technaflora. Right on the bottle it says too much can cause intersex traits.

Sorry to hear about your loss, that stinks rotten.

Again, if it helps, no such problems with the ASH experienced on this end. All were slightly abused ... always do that running a new strain, stress a bit. No she keeping a subpar mom, or dad, especially with limited space.

didn't DJ Short or someone say that males which show female hermaphrodism are actually desirable males to have?

Sounds a bit fishy if you ask me. Then again, he's a breeder, what do I know.

anyway, better luck next time. I'm sure shanti will make it right. I can appreciate your frustration and also think it is great you weren't a dick about it. You stated your case ... very professional. Good to see.


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ASH = 0 Hermis. And may I add what a ridiculously strong plant it is in every aspect..

I grew nordle with no herms , but got a couple balls on shit and ortega. The shit was possibly light stress and was very late in flower ... too late to mater. The ortega was just one big he/she bitch, I will be giving it another crack though I think there could be some great plants in there after selection.

Such is life


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I have grown ASH out quite a bit over the last 2 years and zero hermies.But its nice to have SB come on here and chat with us,it shows he cares.


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i have run this room for over a year and never had this problem
i dont change my style at all as i keep it simple in pots and coco and have done this for years and it has always worked ok
but yes i have pm`d sb as i agree his experience is invaluable and he is well respected
it is nice to see a breeder who cares so much about his product
thanks for your help tho m8


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My outdoor ASH never liked regular nutes above 300ppm. Every week I would give a feed of 1000ppm max and she loved life, outgrew every plant in the garden infact.

No hermis at all and light stress was present all through flower.

Man, I treasure the few ASH beans I have left ... reminds me I need to order some more soon...

One of the nicest plants I have smoked or grown. I think ill smoke some right now :)



EDIT Just checked the truncheon, the ASH was 300ppm with 800ppm 1x a week only. This was the sweet spot for my plant.
Clones would burn if feed 300ppm , needed to be 250ppm for clones after rooted.
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i grew ASH 2 times and never had a problem other than getting too high from the delicious fruity buds

make sure you have no light leaks because that can cause hermies.


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Hi, I purchased ash from weedworld a year ago got 8 ladys and 3 hermed but only when I turned down light 1hr then I over fed and then hermys appeared ,I picked them off ,still got a small crop but was put of ash for that reason ,I realize growers error was my prob but I always over feed and lower hours ,always in a hurry .peace
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i grew out a half pack when Shanti had gave Dr. Chronic and others the seeds to send as freebies with MNS purchases. The plants were all great tho I had only 7 beans. So i purchased it a few years later and it grew very well again, imho its the best strain in regards to yield and potency...some pheno's yielded more than Critical Mass and were a hell of a lot stronger, no herms and i grew them in a tent however they didn't like a lot of food


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in addition to light stress

I have had problems when using 'old' nutrients. especially any product with hormones - the worst was superthrive.

there are some articles that indicate temperature can also be a contributing factor.

good luck.


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Lets hope somebody starts a fresh ASH grow thread.. yes the old stress factors have to be worked out and things done rutinely and dependably so the plants feel at ease:)
It is my understanding that ASH is a superiour strain both for appearance and strength of medicine , according to Shanti may be a good place to look for a grail..:cool: