ASH at week 14


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Hi all,

Yes my ASH is at week 14! it's only gone this far because there's almost no amber trics, today I've realised what the tiny flowers that have been growing alongside the pistels are, it's producing seeds.

I'm starting to see the odd amber tric now and there's still plenty of white pistels so I figure I'll need to to push her a even further.

Everyone else seems to to harvest at the 9,10 or 11 mark. This is my first grow so I'm sure I've made tons of mistakes but this is a very long haul. I've vaped samples from her for the last month or it does smoke like immature weed so resigned to push her further.


Are your timers 100% 12hours on 12hours off? And your night cycle 100% light proof?

The best way to salvage this is to lower your day cycle significantly to really get this finished I'd suggest 9hour on and 15hours off this will ripen them very quickly.


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Hi Bison, I've already had her on a 10 hr light / 14 hour dark cycle for nearly 2 weeks to speed things up.

Now that she's producing seeds, will this slow the trichome maturation process down.