Aragorn's Mr Nice "Devil" Indoor Grow 2012

I grew this both in and outside. Be careful because for some reason my were very stretchy generally when grown indoors yet the same pheno stayed very short outdoors. I don't know if it was light spectrum, intensity, etc. but indoors she can get a bit stretchy,
Extra veg can be good but at the same time bad depending on pheno. Good smoke indoors, killer smoke outdoors.

I just noticed you are growing these outside, o this will be a great thread.

fingerbone bill

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Gday Aragorn

A mate of mine grew Red Devil(pretty sure they are 1 in the same)a good 10 years ago and imo is a great plant. Top yield with potent afghani buds. Yal love it!!

Pullin up a chair for this one!:D




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12 outta 12 is a great start
good luck I will be watching .
I have 2 Devils now that I will be throwing outside . I heard they do great outside.


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i have my eye on them for some time now ... and your report is
very helpfull, aragorn. i'll tag along and watch the show, if i may.

i wish you great success with these devils.