Any one else get One strain?


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Got a pack of walkabout not to long ago. Loving what I got thus far wish I knew the cross. I know a lot of times people get a good mix of genes but so far mine all appear to be the same strain! I've only popped 5 but all are very similar. The smell is that of mixed fruits and the frost is impressive for veg. They are clearly sat Dom. But with some indica influence. I seem to have really good luck with seeds it seems.(also had 2 seeds from a bag I planted around the same time, both keepers 1 male & 1 female and more examples just saying another one)

Just wondering if anybody else has gotten that lucky? And if it really was luck or are some seeds designated for walkabout are still kinda sorted and I got a little love from the packaging department...

Either way, its Cool Beans! :)


Well out of a Dreamtime pack I got quite a variation but of the seven that sprouted (planted 12) all were females! I thought that was pretty lucky. :)