Angel's Breathe - Jan 2020 Growth


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Sorry to hear of your disappointment with AB. Normally hazes need some cure time on them to get the best effects. You did a good job in the growing them.

I've noticed some strains are a lame smoke immediately after drying, only to smoke the same harvest a week or 2 later to be very surprised and impressed. PlantManBee's Lemoncello comes to mind. My PuntoBiche too.

I've had some really good AB with great smells, so I wouldn't write it off right away.

If I judged strains on edible effects I would say they all suck. YMMV, I don't seem to get any stable effects from ingesting. If anything edibles add a little boost to my high after smoking.

Just curious... what kind of temps are you running in the flower tent?
I think Haze dominant strains need 3 months cure to shine. I have not tried AB but I've never had a dud plant from any Mr Nice stock and the latest one harvested the NL#5 X Haze for my personal preference is on another league to the ChemDawg and Gorilla Breath both of which were excellent plants and super potent especially the GB but that Haze high shines in the NL#5 X Haze. It's impressed me that much a few well known heads are getting a sample as I can't not share weed that good. I'm wondering if it's the ROA causing the issue. Get someone to smoke a joint of it. Good luck.