Angel's Breathe - Jan 2020 Growth


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Good question : from the start I knew the AB wouldn't eat much, so I adapted the dosage and I gave 1/4 th of the quantity ( yes, 1/4 th )

I used Advanced Nutrients Grow A/B with Sensyzim, and then Bloom A/B with Sensyzim and a pinch of bud candy. It's a rip off, but that's not the point of this thread ;)

At one point I suspected a deficiency but I simply added a bit of CalMag ( as my water here is very/too soft ) as I thought the plant might not synthesize/absorb enough out of the given dose.
And that was enough.

For the light, it was 13 hours of darkness in flo, and absolute obscurity.

The soil was made of this
it has no added nutrient with a high level of calcium

and at the bottom, we have put a 2 cm layer of
Special Mix | Gold Label
so that when the plants grew, it can reach that layer and act as a kind of nutrient buffer, in case we wouldn't give enough

For the rest, a lot of love :)
Smart thinking to adapt the dosage. That's awesome when you spotted the deficiency and added cal/mag, it solved the issue! I love when that happens. That buffer layer is a great idea... nice to give it a safety net and also reduce stress whenever possible. If I were using it, I would probably use the buffer layer on the bottom but also mix it in to the upper substrate...but I grow organic so inert just doesn't sit well with me lol. Definitely need a whole lotta love! The key ingredient :)!
Wow, thanks all for your comments :)

I'm glad to help with my "experience" and I have few additional strains to grow ...

Stay tuned and the taste report will hopefully come in few weeks.
Here's my "report" & experience with Angel's Breathe.

Dont run away : I'll go straight to the point. :D

After tasting it 3 times, at 3 "doses" ( in pills ), I dare saying that growing this strain was a total loss of time.

Let me explain :

As you have all noticed when I shared my pictures & impressions, the growth went very smoothly and I didnt encounter a single issue : no deficiencies, no stress, no nutrient burns, etc : all went fine.

The final buds were huge and harvested right on time after checking with a microscope.

However ... if some of you followed this thread, long before the harvest, I had already noticed something strange : the lack/weak smell.
I even mentioned it on the forums ( 11th of March and on 7th of April ).

In comparison, the NHS, Jack Herer and GrandDaddyPurp, etc smelled like they "should".

Was I so unlucky that I got 6 ridiculously bad plants ? :confused:

Now to the effects ...

Strength : 4 / 10

It's slightly relaxing, and not even sedating, which could have been a sign that they were too decarboxylated, but nope ... pills are fine.

No mental effects worth mentioning either :mad:

Will I grow it again ? no, definitely not : why should I ?
tbh, this is a really bad start for my first contact with MNS genetics .

NB : if one day the worldwide breeders sell clones and not seeds, I'll give it another try.

But there's no point adding anything about that strain : my plants have a crappy genetic material.

If Angels Breathe has been a high profile strain in the past, its current terpene profile is very bad & limited.

That's it.

Comments & critics welcome as always, let's just all stay gentlemen. :rolleyes:
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Thanks for the support. :)

Well, half of the harvest is still drying : lets see how the smell develops. If it does, I can wait easily for 4 - 6 more weeks to see.

But the first batch of pills was done after 2 weeks of drying, and the smell was still "meh", with a very appealing look and some nice frost...very picturesque but aromasless :confused:

Normally the "pills making" process is quite efficient and common for me : I'm sticking to very precise timing and temp use to keep the most of the original plants & effects.

Whereas smoking/vaping, vaping is a torture for me, physically. I sometimes use my Volcano Hybrid but it's not a pleasant experience.

So ingesting ( pills and tinctures ) has been my main way of using cannabis.

Personally I'd say the main indicator of an "issue" might have been a real absence of smell through the whole cycle.

From MNS, I'm also currently growing Shark shock and the smell is definitely Widowyskunky :D very promising.

I guess I must have been very unlucky with those seeds.

what kind of temps are you running in the flower tent?
In the tent "for" the AB, the temps are oscillating between 22 and 25 c during day time, and 17 - 18 c at night. Humidity was between 40% and 55%.


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I'm disappointed on your behalf, but I get it. I only really enjoyed one of the AB F1s I grew, and I thought the aroma and taste of the others was lacking. But the one girl, a mango haze leaner, was very good. And one of the F2s I made from that mom was exceptional.
@Marcus, thanks.

I hear you well : that's why if I can get a clone of an AB mother, with its genetics selected by Shanti, I would still try to grow it again.

Now, what to chose for my next growth ? In your opinion, to have the best chance for a good balanced ( physical/mental ) as F1, would you go for Skunk x Haze or NL5 x Haze ?


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I haven't grown either Skunk x haze or Nl5 x haze so I can't answer your question, but I'm sure you can find great plants in either one. I read recently someone said skunk haze is the most under-rated strain in the MNS catalog, but I tend to dislike the effect from skunk and the bud structure so I'd choose Nl5Hz.


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Aloha brahs!

I too had plants that were lacking in exotic smells but I found potency. And they certainly improved in subtle smell and potency with a good cure. I think it is a plant for experienced growers to tease out the nuance. I did not take them to f2 like Marcus did. And like Marcus I dont care for skunk but it does add structure to the plant in a good way. That said the Skunk Haze is underrated. I was surprised at how good the high was. Definitely worth a go. Now the NL5/Haze has an excellent reputation for a reason. And the yields can get ridiculous. Two different plants. Both important building blocks. Both excellent. Good hunting!

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Kia Ora,

I've not had much experience with pills and tinctures, you mention you don't like smoking and vaping but you tried it right, did it feel much more potent? Wondering if it's maybe not the best suited to edibles...

I'm disappointed for you mate, it isn't uncommon for a sativa dom plant to be a bit light on smell early, mid flower and developing it's aroma in the late flowering stage but your girls sounded oddly aromaless throughout, your temps and RH look good .... Maybe you are just unlucky.

Maybe Medicine Man ? Maybe Critical Haze I've been recommend it on a few occasions, Heard lots of people recommend skunkxhaze and nl5xhaze is a classic, haven't grown either of them so I can't give my personal opinion but ...

What do you like ? Do you like haze ? Do you like body or head high ? Do you like stinky skunky or do you like mangos and spice ?

You gave her a good long slow dry right ? Throw her in jars, let her cure and trade her to a smoker if you still don't like it in 3 months ?
Hi Dkeppel,

When I vaped, I used 1.1 gr of flower and the effect was very light and not very "promising". It was after 2 weeks of drying and the stems were snapping already.

The reason for me to avoid vaping is very easy ( I hope you feel comfortable with explicit medical reasons ;) ) : I'm physically very small and my total lung capacity is around 0.6 liters ( there's no typo :rolleyes: )

Consequently, the length from the mouth to reach my lungs is very short and it irritates them much more ( but ok, I can/could live with coughing my lungs out every 2 minutes ).

However the biggest annoyance for the lungs is the capacity, let me explain :

Fact : a normal man has a lung volume of roughly 6 liters.

So, if that normal guy vapes next to me, at each breath, he's inhaling 10 times more active product than me.

Thus if I want to feel the effect like him, to get the same volume of active product in the lungs/blood, I have to spend 10 times the time to absorb the same, right ? :eek:

Now imagine again that the guy is a medical user with a high tolerance : to feel an effect he needs to vape during 15 min full melt hash.

Projected with my capacity, I would have to vape for 150 min ... without my metabolism degrading the product before it reached the right level.

This wouldn't be realistic or practical.

And actually, when I use the vape, it's exactly in the reverse scenario compared to CannaFish use: I use it when I'm already very high from edibles, and most probably when together with my wife ( which has a nearly non existant tolerance ).

As for the effect ... I'm looking for something similar to Super Silver Haze, Nl5xHaze and ( I thought ) Angel Breath with it's Mango & Afghan origins.

So as I also have Jack Herer ( I dont share the growth pictures here as those are not from MNS ) currently growing which is supposed to be very similar to SSH, I'm hesitating between the Skunk and NL5 hazes.

If I cant decide between the 2, I might simply go first for the biggest yielder.:D



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I honenestly suggest trying the "standard" strains as they have been more proven. The "one offs" probably have some GREAT plants within them, but they haven't been put through their paces as much as the "classics".

Also, you are comparing to some of the more recent "heavy hitters" with JH and the like.

IME Sativa dominant strains are way more variable than Indica heavy strains.

Sorry you didn't find anything like what you wanted. Best of luck on the current and future grows.


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based upon real world testing . . .

so MOST strains (hyped or otherwise) have ~1% terpenes (or less).

Strong Strains have between > 1% upto almost 4% (rumors abound of higher, but have seen an actual, reputable flower test to back the assertion). However, somewhere around 5+% some of the terpenes get kind of bitter and actually reduce the enjoyment of the flower.

most of "The Best" or "Elite" seed lines have plants that regularly have major cannabinoid compositions of 20 -25%, and many additional genetics for bud structure, mold resistance, flowering cycle, environmental tolerances, others reasons . . .

these days some Clone Only "Elites" hover around 3.5% terpene content with THC content north of 25%

Right Now, almost Every major cannabis market carries a Mr Nice Variety (usually more than one) with test results that back my assertions from above.

I have personally grown some Angel's Breathe that I would compare with Any of the top shelf commercial strains in the current market, but once again statistics comes into play.

when Mr Nice first began releasing 16 seed packs it was so that every person could have a legitimate chance to find recessive genetic traits (waaaay back when Critical Mass was just breaking out and Northern Lights was all the rage . . . )

Sucks that this run didn't work out for you :(

Shanti has always been among the Most progressive in the industry with a special focus on those that grow their own medicine . . . a real growers, grower. I hope you find what you are looking for, and if I can be of more help I would gladly do so . . .
Thanks again guys for your support, it feels like I belong to a real community with kind souls willing to help, reassuring and comforting. It's amazing in those times.

Based on your various opinions, I will start growing NL5xHaze and hopefully I'll have the chance to get few great plants with less random ones.

I will start within 3 weeks and it should be the first strain for which I'll give it enough veg time to grow multiple big colas per plant.

Stay tuned :)


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I'm 99% sure it's fine for you to share your JH grow, your just not allowed to advertise other seedbanks if that makes sense, sharing the grow and saying what you think of the plants is cool, I'd like to see how your JH is doing :)

I think you were just unlucky, it happens, just surprising to hear they all had weak smell and potency, I've heard so many good things about AB you would expect 1 of your girls to be good.

I've been warned before that NL5xHaze is a bit of a pheno hunt but it's worth the hunt the keepers are fire, someone correct me if that's wrong .

I can recommend The Doors, super frosty, potent, great smells and pretty easy going practical plants for indoors, seems to be lots of good phenos in this strain I like her very much :D
I've been warned before that NL5xHaze is a bit of a pheno hunt
:eek: ah ow ... again a pheno hunt ...

So you think there's less chance to get an "average" plant with "The Doors" ? With the 75% Haze, are you sure ?

And would you know the typical the stretch of The Doors in flo ? it doubles in size ? triples ? quadruples ? :rolleyes:

I might consider growing it soon, I'm just hesitating with the genetic variability.

PS : JH pics in "Bud shots" :D


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Kia Ora,

I've been told NL5xHaze has a lot of variation between phenotypes and if you check out the grow logs here & around the internet you will see there is NL5 dom phenotypes to super hazey looking phenotypes and everything inbetween.

I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, it just means if your specifically looking for a super hazey NL5xHaze phenotype you might want to grow more plants to increase the chances of getting a desirable phenotype.

Check out The Doors sub forum, Marcus, Mu and Myself have all grown out/finishing growing out The Doors recently and plenty before us, there is a bit of variation in the line BUT it's consistently highly resinous, potent and practical for a sativa.

My plants all stretched between 3x to 4x from clone, my grow space is tiny, 400mmx600mm and about 4 feet of head space, I started 4 seeds, got 4 girls, took clones, gave seed plants away and put 12 clones into flower right after they finished rooting so your experience may vary but the seed plants didn't stretch much more if anymore then the clones from what I saw.

2 phenotypes finished about 10-11 weeks from clone, 1 phenotype has a week left about 12 weeks and 1 phenotype still has 2-3 weeks about 14 weeks from clone, seed plants maybe 1-2 weeks longer I believe.

One of the 11 week plants is a stinker, sewage, skunk, oil, dank sort of smell, Nice high that creeps up on you has a little body but acceptable amount, Good Yield, potent.

The other 11 weeker smells of eucalyptus and pine, Great high comes on in waves gives your hands and feet that tingly feeling, average yield, one of the most resinous, potent plants I've ever seen.

The 12 weeker is just skunky, average high mixed head and body, high yielder and least potent of the bunch, the average girl of the bunch.

Not sure how the high is on the 14 week girl yet but she smells so good, incense, spice, leather and hardwood sort of smell, has very whispy caterpillar type buds looks like a low yielder but she is starting to look super duper resinous also.


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i just purchased some . . .

I Love Angel's Breathe.

I had to get more . . . i'm growing them with Mango Haze IBL, Sugar Haze (supposedly mostly Columbian Gold), and a Thai variety



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This is just not good . I have read a couple different reviews on this strain and even purchased a pack before any grow logs was done on this site . I understand that not all crosses work out well together but Mr. Nice seeds is a huge facility and I know of having headquarters in at least two different countries , did they not test these before they released them to the public ? Every review I have read suggest no one has got any thing leaning towards neither of the parent plants just a hodgepodge of phenos being of subpar at best . I understand that this is a line one would have to pheno hunt through and work the line but from all the grow descriptions I have read you are just as well getting a pack of Dreamtime the phenos are so across the board . In this day and age of clones and feminized seeds if one is buying regular seed they are probably looking at the male plants as much as the female plants and with results like I’ve been reading what will these male plants bring to the table as unstable as everything I’ve read . I understand that mr. Nice has lines that have been worked more and our more stable and I have some of them as well but for the price of a pack of angels breath one expects higher quality . Every time I read a bad review it’s well you have to let it cure longer cause it’s a haze or this or that , that is all bs . It’s either one of two things with hazes some one went all most straight into flower with out giving enough time for the seed mother plant to get some age behind it or it’s just not a good genetic mash up but angels breath is not the only haze variation that I have read about phenos being across the board nl5/haze has been around for ever and should be a well worked line you should not have to go through 18 seeds to just find a couple good breeding stock parent plants. I find this a shame with this company having all the original haze breeding stock . I will continue to use other Mr. Nice strains but for me and what I’ve read their haze has become questionable so I will have to go elsewhere, when time and space is of the essence, very disappointing.


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I agree Kief420 a cure isn't going to turn weak weed into strong weed but it does help the smell develop and smooth out those rough edges.

Not sure what the excuse is for 6 AB females all having little to no smell and weak potency you would expect at least 1 of those 6 girls to be great, that's why I've suggested The Doors there has been a few of us recently grow it out and no one seems to have found a bad plant, it seems to consistently put out highly resinous, potent and practical sativa leaning to sativa dom plants.

The currently offered NL5xHaze is a rebooted version, it's not the original 80s NL5xHaze, I believe the original NL5 mum was lost in a raid and a new mum selected from the same seed stock as the original.

Again I've not grown it but you can look around and see it has a lot of variation in the line, I don't think that's necessarily bad if there mostly good phenotypes, a good NL5 dom phenotype could be as valuable to someone as a good haze dom phenotype would be valuable to me.

I don't know what's up with AB but I wouldn't write off all the haze hybrids did you check out Mu's NH and Doors grow ? Marcus's Doors grow ? And to a lesser extent my doors grow ?

My doors plants may not be a pretty as the other boys, I suck, was doing chemotherapy for most the time and grow in a tiny little box but I know potent smoke when it enters my lungs :D Much more potent and enjoyable weed then any of the modern hybrids my mates grow out that's for sure.