Angel's Breathe Grow


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Hey K9,

Got a smoke report on her yet? Inquiring minds wanna know!

Oh, and I hope you're all healed up and good to go, man. Take care.


Nope! still in the jars!

Getting better and now other hip hurts bad! so going into surgery on Oct. 26. 2011, unless, I can get in earlier.



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Hi K9,
really enjoyed this grow.
Looks like about 4 and a half months. The Angel has got to be some sweet summer weed huh? :D
How's she smokin?


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Too bad about the long-lost smoke report of the only grow log of this beauty.

The best laid plans of mice and men...

Hop Head

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K9hohriver are you alright?

Hello fellow grower I hope all is well with you after your surgeries. There are a bunch of us chompin' at the bit to get some detailed info on how this strain smokes. Surely you've sampled it and can tell us a little about this intriguing hybrid. Looking forward to hearing from you, all the best, Hop Head