Angel Heart @ 5 Weeks


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yep. went into flower the first day of last month

yep. it will be 6 weeks this sunday, but they are clones.

i did an even mix of macro nutrients for the first couple weeks of flower, then I lowered the nitrogen to half the phosphorus and potassium for the last 3 weeks or so. will go straight water and the kratke method ( I think that is the name . . . ) until the end. i wait for all the fan leaves to have the nitrogen pulled out of them, and only the bud is left.

Nevil previously explained that my sugar (brix) content was too high, and it was causing my plants not to finish correctly. after listening to what he said, my plants started doing much better . . .

the early smell is definitely myrcene, but the smell and flavor get more complex later in the grow and by the end it has a 'ceder/pine' flavor. the flavor in this cut is strong, and lingers. Highly Enjoyable ;)


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I was wrong on the flavor :(

This particular cut is actually quite FLORAL. I made a mistake previously, and i'm sorry I was wrong. however this actual flower is very floral.

I definitely should have gone another week or more, but for the first time growing in quite a while and the first time with this cutting and the first time in hydro all together . . . i'm gonna give myself a B+, maybe a little better when i'm high

The cutting is nice, cuts through anything else. it definitely has a terpene that i'm not getting in the dispensary. we see lots of grape, orange, some haze strains taste kind of cherry (terpinolene). haven't had it tested, but this one is very floral. the stuff I had smoked from before, the 'cedar' came from the first set of mother plants tests where this cut was taken. they went to seed.

I top clone then grow the bottom out for sex and seed. then the top clone becomes the mother plant.

this will be my outdoor plant this year, and i'm pretty happy about that ;)