Angel Heart @ 47 days


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Here are some neglected Angel heart phenos #1 is more sativa with little buds and the the #4 is more indica with slightly bigger airier buds.

They are jammed in a 4x8 1000W setup and likely overfed.

The sativa one looks like it's finishing bud and the other looks like it's not finished. Pretty odd.



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They smell fairly similar right now, a mix of Regular MJ, dried mango/dried fruit, Hash.

I also grew them outdoors and these are clones of revegged plants.

Outdoors they got 8' but were no were near done at 45N First of October.

I do like how vigorous they are but had originally purchased them because they were supposed to be "near perfect in flavor", I hope this is true.


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Thanks a ton for sharing! Hope you return and share more. These are two great examples for me. Let us know how the smoke was. More pictures would be huge :p

Vlad the Inhaler

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Hi, I hope these worked out for you.
When I grew them I got three phenos.
The shortest looked like nordle, and smelt
like kerosene and oranges with a bit
of orange marker pen/chemical. It's
very smelly while growing.
The middle pheno is the baseball bat
type, and smelt like grape or gum/lollies,
The later type is like the mum, I guess.
How is the smoke?