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I've just been thrust into a 1978 flashback! This is the strain that fueled the local weed on the coastal range near Suva, Fiji. This is the smoke that swept through Auckland amid Greenpeace supporters. It was the manna that settled on Hyde Park in Sydney for the National Marijuana Day Rally before expiring at Bondi Beach. I know this. I was there. It was mine!

OK, this is not that specific herb but what I just ripped down is very, very close to the strain I procured decades ago on the beaches of northwest Oahu.

We called it Pakalolo and it was a staple of island life. I'll give you a smoke report on this strain when it finishes it's cure. (If I can keep my fingers off?)

I have two phenos. Both are sativa dominant but one has more indica influence.

Standby and keep your worms warm.