Afghan Haze Smoke Report


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After going through about 40+ of these and SSSDH I have narrowed it down to the top 8 or so Afghans hazes. Over the next few grows I am going to document them here for my info and hopefully your enjoyment!! At the end I will do a poll and see which ones YOU GUYS like best if you care to vote...

Ok heeeeeere we go...

Ripping open this nug I am instantly drawn to it's aroma. Spicy, medicine-like, incense, pine...not in a kush way...but an old school hazey kind of way, also it has some kind of jungle fruityness that is VERY hard to describe. It has the old school hazeyness that I miss when I think about Amsterdam but it's expressed in a new way!! I would not say this bud reeks or is overly pungent, but it has a NICE aroma. This is NOT SSH and I am glad for the change. I am so sick of people just renaming SSH over here and thinking we won't notice.

I always think to myself while im smoking this, "Man, this bud has ABSOLUTELY no business being here...its fuckin JUNGLE bud!!" LOL LOL

It has some very interesting traits appearance wise. I like the bud shape, it is sativa looking, but not overly foxtailed like the Cheese. This pheno has smaller denser nugs that are silver with the longer, more reddish pistils. As I break the buds up to grind them, it reminds me of being in Amsterdam, breaking up similar nug on the bar of the Dampkring. The resin glands of this bud are so Sativa in profile...they stand tall and have clear heads just like the high you get. The buds leave piles of Sativa dust on the table where you break it up just like a good haze should.

Post grind...

The aroma reminds me of BP OG with its medicine and hash smells, but this is mos def haze dominant.

The dry hit of the joint is surprisingly fruity, with less of the haze influence in flavor rather than aroma. This weed is smooth. I would not say this pheno has TONS of flavor but what it has is very nice. It straight up tastes like smoking Sativa hash. I am not tasting fruit at all now that the joint is lit...instead I am tasting the what I call the typical Haze flavors. Spicyness, medicine, wood incense maybe cedar or pine.

The high is...well....i'm not high, yet...

This is some good old fashioned creeper. One minute you are reaching for another jar and then you realize you have already cleaned your house and car...LOL! Once this buds high kicks are in for a treat...this is the kind of high I really enjoy because of its CLARITY. I can function perfectly but I am soaring high. It's so funny cause at first you are like, why am I NOT high...LOL and then you notice that things are different. It's not like actually creeps on you. This is so unlike most of the product from the Indica laden market that I deal with...people who grow for money just WON'T grow this shit.

As I near the end of the joint the flavor is stronger than when it began. Still, hazey with not even a hint of the fruit that was lurking in the aroma. I am officially high as well. Straight up behind the eyeballs kind of thing. No body buzz at all!!

Well, this one has made it to the final round for a is truly unique amongst the weeds I have grown and smoked over the course of my life. It has great potency, flavor and aroma. It finishes in 9-9.5 weeks. It is a tiny yeilder but then again my rooms are far from perfect (something I am working on every day to remedy.)

To be continued....


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Man, you did a great job with that. That looks fantastic. Very well grown and not overripe from the looks of it. Nice pics too, you can double click them and get in close for a good look.

I want me some jungle bud.


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nice report JBP i will be growing a few cuts from my indica dom afxhz soon with some crxhz g13xwid and shit. so will be all go for me again shortly. what pheno are the buds in the pic from? looks killer smoke mate you seem to have done a real nice job growing them.:)


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Well they came from my #2 pheno which was one of the most frosty of the bunch, and smoked really well in the initial tests.

I really only had one "Afghani"ish plant...all of them were tall, seductive, kickass hazey ladies!! Selection has been truly a nightmare!!!

Thanks everybody!!! More to come!!
I really only had one "Afghani"ish plant...all of them were tall, seductive, kickass hazey ladies!! Selection has been truly a nightmare!!!

I had the same results with the packs that I've run, haze dominant plants with little structural influance from the afghan. IMO the afghan tempered the high by creating a nice relaxing effect on the come down. I've run several of the MNS haze hybrids and I really enjoy the AH for its taste and effect. As hard as it may be to choose one as being the best, I think the AH is my favorite so far.

Great job with your grow and smoke report!


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Hello JBP,

nice smokereport & beautiful pics. I am just wondering if AfghanHaze could finish in central Europe, cca 48°. What do you think ? :confused:

Sorry for OT :eek:

Have a nice day everybody:cool:


sweet pics

truly a lovely report

makes me desire a pack more soo each time i read a smoke report,im glad to hear the fruityness didnt come threw in the flavor ,the description of taste/aromas is definetly somthin id wantin my jar



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So did you decide not to keep any of the SSSDH? It sounded like it had been knocked out of consideration in favor of the 8 af/hz phenos, is that right?

The afghan haze sure is an interesting variety.


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Very Nice Smoke Description.

JBP...Hello! Your right on describing the High of Af x Hz as the female I still have is amazingly wonderful in all aspects. The high from my favorite female is special, and nothing much anywhere can compare to the wonders of this fine,fine plant. This is a nice thread, I must have missed it. peace, resinbud ;)


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AF x HZ phenos

Hi! JPB... I keep looking at your bud shots of Af x Hz and they are nothing like my wonderful plant. The buds on my girl are Long Runners with none of the buds looking Chunky like yours. I keep looking for the same pheno I have throughout the community, and I believe I have found the Rarest Af x Hz pheno you will find in a pack. The buds on my prized female are very white and Crystally, and the smell is incredible. I hope everyone growing this seed gets the Thai one as this is the one to have with multiple long Running branches of Sweet smelling Haze. Nice thread you have started, is it finished? Find the Thai pheno and you will be even more impressed with the unbelievable high she gives, and lasts four hours, Thats all. peace, resinbud ;)


Nice report my man:D

Its great to hear other takes on this wonderfull strain-if i were to run these f1's again i'd look for the ones with the most sativa in them but you pheno there looks and sounds amazing.

Good job;)


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I had to comment here to get this thread to display on the Strain Base section... didn't get a good vibe from the bacchanal that was up there before :eek:

I love this smoke report, makes me feel almost there :rolleyes: I like a clear uplifting high that winds down niiice and easy too.

Havn't seen many grows of Af/Hz tho, doesn't really seem to have the hype?
I have a pack o seeds and will pop em as soon as I can (couple o months unfortunately.)

Anyone to the defense of this hybrid?

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G'day JPB,

Thanks for a great report.

Atm I have 4 females @ 30 days into flower from seed.
They have some real Funky Fruity-Spice aromas going on.
I have one chunky plant that has a strong smell of Geranium & Jucyfruit with a hint of Cinnamon.

Cheer's BP.


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It is a tiny yeilder but then again my rooms are far from perfect (something I am working on every day to remedy.)

To be continued....

Great report. I was getting high just reading it. Did you find the yield to be tiny on all AH phenos or just this one?



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I remember back in the day getting some silver haze (sensi), and how awe inspiring that herb was. I would imagine that it was probably the same kinda thing as the Afghan Haze since the Silver Haze is an afghan x haze. Anyways Ive yet to get anything like it since.. almost all round plump calyxes, lime green almost yellow colour, super fine sandy trichs and the aroma.. none of that sikly intoxicating odor at all like a lot of cheese or skunk crosses. To my nose lemon, gentle pine, absolutely gobs of that 'hot' smelling hoppiness that fills the room even just in the bag, and an unusual one.. rubber, like when you broke apart a rubber at school kinda smell, all in all gentle but very attractive.
The high, all I can remember is having a blissful state and what seemed like eternal smile lock with watery eyes. Anyways.. may have to give these AH a go, I gotta feeling sensi's line may not be like it used to like so many old school strains. Hope its simelar!