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They’re coming along wonderfully. I mentioned before that I was partial to the NL/Hz. Part of that reason was stronger stem growth. I too found some weeping willows in the AF/Hz. This viny trait has shown up in the Holy Smoke. Branches often needing support from the weight of the buds. Staking and tomato cages work well rewarding with bigger flowers. Hazes do seem to thrive in subdued light. Shanti made an interesting comment about hazes needing darkness to flower, makes sense that they are extremely photosensitive. Put them off to the side like you’re doing by dimming. Your observation about feeding is also spot on. These last few weeks of flush, they are usually on water, sparingly in a weak solution of bonemeal in a microbe, fulvate, molasses, saponin tea tapering to water.
The reward is a great smelling and tasting product with an excellent high. It’s great to see them perform under an expert hand like yours. Great job!



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Thanks guys! Im no good describing smells so i`ll better not do it :p cant say i`m picking up any citrus smells. The Hz influence is strong in this mix aswell in smell department. Mettalic fruity smells and sorts.

thanks Mu, i already was wondering what differences there would be between, AfghanHaze and Nl5/Haze and what to say about G13/Haze they all somewhat contain 50%afghan vs 50% haze.

i`ve started flushing and they respond immediately, brown hairs popping up rapido! nice white blanking of trichos is forming on the buds. And 1 has started throwing nanners. A few big clusters of them also, you can see she wants to reproduce badly! not saying it`s a bad thing, just smoking those clusters... yuck... so it will be time to put this girl down. Tommorow she will meet the axe!! Not far from 11week visble flowering and close to 13weeks of 11/13.


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Beautiful photos and plants!! 😍😍
this wil not be a detailed log, no daily updates, but i will put some random picture updates during my AfghanHaze grow

15days 18/6
xtreme vigor after flip
nute sensitive ec 1.0
sweet fruity pungent smell at stemrub
reacts well to 11/13 given some growing time
early frosting on the leaves
handles heat very well
uniform plants

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I can see some resemblance between your posted pic and my afghan haze grow. I`ve got 4 ladys, 1 has the resemblance if i look to the bud structure, yours has more meat on her bones tho.

when i`m working in the room and look at the afhz girls they give me that viney haze expression that i also saw in some longer flowering mango hazes, actually not far from the pics mu has shared of his nevil hazes for instance.
I have come to the impresssion that this mating between the Afghan and the Haze is focused on lowering flowering time of the haze. There is not much from the afghan side showing up, i would have expected to see more affie traits like more body structure, smaller plants overall, lesser sensitive to nutes, It`s like haze with a shorter flowering time.

well shorter flowering.. we still have to see that haha..Still havent cut down the nanner throwing girl and the bunch is still going. Almost hitting 12weeks visible flowering and 14weeks 11/13 it starts to look like a haze flowering time. I`ll let them go flowering till they are completly done, then give them a good cure, perhaps the affie side will shine true in the effects of the smoke and give some killer high!

50%afghan and 50% Haze does not actually mean 50% of both will shine in the outcome, it`s gonna be fun to do a comparison when i gonna grow the Nl5/Hz to see what NL5 brings in to the mix.


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Hello mns fam!

after finding some mold, ive took them down today. The humidity has been high last two months 65-70%... They have been on 11/13 for 15weeks with a visible flowering of 13weeks.

Here`s the iphone trichome pics, they seem done.


Have a good day!